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Stiffness and Day to Day Movement



I noticed this sneaking up on me the last couple of years and I figure if anyone in the forums will have experience with this, it will be the over 35 guys.

Basically, I’m almost as flexible/mobile as I’ve ever been; however, now that I’m turning 37 and have 23 or so years of training on my body, my normal, day to day state is one of stiffness - knees, hips, back, etc. It’s not muscle soreness, like DOMS, but rather joint stiffness. I can get into positions like a full squat while cold, however until I’m warmed up, it’s like my body is saying, “Umm, nope,” all the way down. Warm ups are a must, but its starting to take 15-20 minutes to just to get ready to do anything dynamic.

Does anyone have any advice on getting back the ability to move well in day to day activities, like picking up stuff from the floor, without having to warm up first?




Might try 5 - 6 minute warmup with basic kettlebell swings. 3 x 30 with one 35lb kettlebell improves my workout, noticeably so with squats, deads. I tried them as full workout a few years ago and I dropped a few inches in waist, but strength dropped a bit even with 50+ ones.


What you are going through is perfectly normal. When I was squatting in my 30s, I would warm up on 135 and then stack on the weight. Now I’m 45ish and when I warm up for squats I start with an empty bar, then 135, then 225, and then do my work sets 315+.

For day to day mobility, I have found that simple body weight exercises done at home are sufficient. I’m sure the videos on youtube for various mobility exercises are endless, so just pick and pick in accordance with your needs and do them for a few minutes every morning.


Thanks, I’ll have to try some mobility work in the morning, instead of evening, and throw in some body weight stuff and see if that sets me up well for the day.


there is an old thread here called mobility for old farts.
lots of vids

if you google joe defranco agile 8 or agile 11 you will find a great start there.

between work being physical , age, training accumulation, injuries etc
I have to spend allot of time keeping agile

I get alot of of lunges, cosack squats, and banded pull aparts- or banded dislocates.


With mobility, frequency outweighs amplitude.

5 minutes in the morning and then in the evening is probably all it takes to maintain decent mobility. This is not the same for example if you did one hour of mobility once a week. The more frequent mobility drills is the key.

Uncle Bird.



agree with mobility

what has also been a huge help for me is sitting in the hot tub for a few minutes in the morning