Stiffed On a Bet...GB vs Dallas...

FI-You owe
Malone-You owe
Football Monkey…you owe!!!

I’d like to extend a warm congratulations for Analog_Kid aka “Cockface_kid” for promptly paying up.

T-Nation has been stiffed.

LOL. Watch, they magically are never heard from again.

There’ll be two new guys show up real soon with names similar to these guys…they’ll never, ever, ever take a bet…

hey, I’m trying to get my hands on a nice thong for u guys…gimme like 2 days

Actually, ya know what, If I can take the pic tonight I will. if not you’ll have it by tomorow!! Or else I’ll do the thong pic with a cock on my chest.

Jersey? Dont worry, Rock, I know a guy in the area…

Look in the other thread. I paid up.

better pay up if you don’t want your brains splattered all over the squat rack.

I paid up in the other thread too.