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Stiff/Sore Knee Cap After Workout


Hey guys

After my leg workouts I always get some soreness and stiffness at the top of my kneecap(pitcure attached),i have no pain at the workout at all and the next day after some sleep the stiffness and swelling is almost gone. But somehow it seems to come back after every leg workout, even after rackpulls on back day, the problem has lasted for about 2 months now.

I foam roll and static strech my hips, quads,hams,glutes, itb, tfl and calves. Besides that i do dynamic mobility and activation stuff before my leg workout, but some how i just don´t seem to get rid of the problem. Here a sample of my leg workout, maybe i am overusing my knee in someway.

3- 4 sets of back squat x 6 reps ( just below parralel)

Romainian deadlifts 3 x 6- 8 reps

3 sets of bulgarian spilt squats x 6 reps


3 sets of front squat x 5-6 reps ( atg )
5 sets of deadlift x 5 reps
5 sets of hip thrust x 6- 8 reps

Any help much appriciated


Do you do any kind of running cardio? I have the same discomfort when I do even normal body-weight squats and it got much better when I rested a bit more from the treadmill (was doing 45 mins Mon-Sat AM and 45 mins Tues/Thurs/Sat PM). Turns out it was a form of runners knee from pushing it too hard too fast. I would try icing it, keep it elevated, and rest it if you can for a week or so and start off your leg work lighter and with plenty of warm ups.


I do not perform any cardio, except some brisk walking to the gym. But thanks alot for your reply and advices


It sounds like a lack of hip mobility/activation leading to more stress on the knee. Which leg is the problem on? Also, how is your glute activation and hip mobility in general? My guess would be hip flexor issues, possibly rectus and or psoas and poor glute strength/function.


The problem is on the right leg. I do alot of hip mobility work pre workout and static stretching at least once a week. I am able to full squat with good technique. I have done alot of glute activation and included a lot of posterior chain excerises , hip thrusts, Rdl, pull throughs etc.

I will try to strech my psoas from now on also , and just keep working on my posterior chain strength. Thanks alot for your advices :slight_smile:


Thank you. Very helpful