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Stiff Neck Problem

I’ve been having this problem with my neck for a while now. My neck has been stiff for long time. This pain extends to my right shoulder trap area. My shoulders are very tight and hunched up. It seems like no matter what kind of stretch I do , I’m still tight. The other problem that happens too is that my bicep tendon keeps coming out of the bicepetal groove. My ex physical therapist kept putting it back in place but it seems to keep coming out. Another thing too is that I have a hard time pinching my shoulder blades together. I have a hard time fully retracting and detracting my scapula. My chest is always tight.

I’ve seen a chiropractor for about 10 months , nothing works.

I can almost guarentee your problems stem from sitting hunched over a computer.

Do broomstick stretches at the very least.

ART may be another thing to look into.

Yes I do sit infront of the comp a lot. I also have 6 hrs of class a day.

Quick question, which foam rolls can I do in place of ART? I don’t have health insurance and ART isn’t free… lol

You have said you tried a bunch of different stretching techniques and they didn’t work. Well, I kinda had the same problem with my neck and traps.

That article shows a good stretch for the neck and traps. It really helped me loosen up my neck/trap/shoulder region. Hope it helps!