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Stiff Legged Instead of Conventional Deadlifts (Candito's Workouts)


have been working out for about 1 year, making some decent progress
(Squat 120kg x 6 reps @72kg, 174cm). My deadlift is at the same strength
levels, without much difference compared to the squat. The thing is
that Stiff legged deadlifts, to me, feel far more natural and I just
like them more. Jonnie has mentioned many times that squat and stiff leg
combo is greatly sufficient.

Would the workouts (Linear and 6-week) still be adequate if I just
replaced the conventional deadlift and add more sets to the stiff legged
deadlifts (e.g 3 instead of 2 on Linear) as they are easier to recover
or would this mess things out in terms of gains or recovery?


by reading, I think you just have bad form on the deadlift


Sumo feels more natural indeed, but it is similar to quarter squat and I am already incorporating pause romanian deadlifts to help with my deadlift form, but this not neither the issue or the question.