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Stiff-Legged Deads


The other day I did max effort squats, then thought I would try max effort SLDL's. I've never really gone heavy on these so I didnt know what to expect.

My squat on this day was really bad, only 335, but I got alot more on the SLDL's than I thought I would, I ended my last set with 5 reps at 275. And Im not talking a basically a regular dead here, just slight knee bend, hips swing back, (I was on a reebok step) and lowering all the way to the floor.

Does it seem like my posterior chain strength is too close to my compound strength that emphasizes more muscle mass?


You shouldn't go too far down with SL deads. If you do, you're likely to arch your back. All movement should come from the hips.

As you squatted before you did the deads, and since you weren't happy with those squats anyway, it's hard to tell anything from the weights you used.


With the SLDL I woudn`t suggest going below the middle of your shins esp. if you are doing a max effort set and you want to avoid rounding.

As said its a bit tough to tell considering that it was done after M.E squats. Try on a day when you are fresh and do them first in your workout.


He's right that the movement should come from the hips but I think he meant to say don't let your back ROUND over. Keep it tight.


my back isnt rounding, at all, I have very flexible hamstrings...


I usually say go as far as your back lets you. For me that's about mid to low shin. For others it could be higher or lower.

There is no strength issue to be concerned about. Plenty of people can SLDL more than squat raw. I'm pretty sure I can.


At westside they perform deadlifts off of a platform but I am not sure about the SLDL's. Your question sounds like a good one for elitefts, Dave Tates site.


Doesn't look imbalanced to me.

I do SLDL's (down to the ankles) after I do squats and move about the same weight.


Thanks all, I'll check it out


I was actually thinking about asking the same question. Subtract about 50lbs from your weights and the same thing happened to me on my last lower workout.

I don't think my post. chain is overly strong but it made me wonder if their are any good indicators of whats strong enough.

I'm going to keep my training going as is but if I find this trend continuing I'm going to add some slightly above parralel box squats in to see what happens.


I do my stiff leg deadlifts on a homemade platform with a slight decline (heels about 1 inch lower than toes). Works great.


I don't see how its possible to use anywhere near a decent weight (for the individual) without rounding your back over if you are stiff and semi straight legged standing on a box. Regular deadlifts are good off of a box, but the technique changes because you have to get your ass down significantly lower.