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Stiff-Legged Deadlifts vs Snatch-Grip Deadlifts

Which of the two is a more useful to assist in pulling from the floor with deadlifts - stiff-legged or snatch grip deadlifts?

Depends on your weaknesses.

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SLDLs - ham heavy.
Snatch Grip DLs - back heavy.

Like @T3hPwnisher said, it depends on what’s weak.

Edit: I’ll add that if your weakness is just pulling from the floor in general, deficit DLs would beat both of these, IMO.

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Improving bracing and technique will help more than variations. Address this before worrying about weaknesses.


Why not a snatch grip SLDL? I do snatch grip RDLs (same thing basically) and they help my squat and deadlift, one of my favorite assistance lifts.

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Are these just done the same as a normal RDL, but with a snatch grip?