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Stiff-legged deadlifts and lunges

I managed to finish my leg workout today without throwing up, barely. i was wondering how you guys on this board to stiff-legged deadlifts. narrow, medium, wide stance? wraps or no wraps? locked knees or 95% locked? bloody shins or barely scraping? later i did barbell lunges in the smith machine. i had not done lunges for months. damn there hard. i did 3 sets of 6 for each leg. i like the smith machine because i can’t seem to focus on my hams when doing it free stance. i worry too much about balance. anyone out there have the same problems?? i could barely walk after my workout so i think i trashed my legs.

I do my stiff-legged with just a slight bend in the knees and a medium stance. I think the most important thing is moving your hips back at the beginning of the movement rather than focusing on lowering the weight straight down. If you move your hips back first, you will notice an immediate stretch with very little weight. I like to alternate between using the barbell and dumbbells.

As for lunges, they are the one leg exercise that always make my legs sore! I've done walking lunges with dumbbells, static and dynamic lunges with a barbell and they always work. I've used the smith machine in the past, but prefer to do them free standing.

I go with the medium stance. I let the weight come back towards my shin, but it never touches. I keep my head up back straight. I use straps on heavier sets, so I can focus on the correct movement.

Do the stiff legs with knees slightly bent, app. 20 degrees. That will activate your IT bands( a connective tissue band on the side of your leg) that will help to stabilize you lumbar spine. If you bend your leg slightly you’ll feel it opo out slighlty. Use a medium stance also.

regarding the lunges and the balance issue,the beginning phases of ians kings 12 weeks of pain helped me out.it was kinda humiliating doing different lunges w/o any #'s for awhile but the end result is that i have the balance now(stability).even if u dont do the whole program,the select exercises would be helpful as drills.but use the tempos he says to use.that seemed to make a huge difference rather than just doing the movements

I agree with you about smith lunges hitting the hamstrings more. Do you elevate the back foot when you do them?

yes i do eleveate my back foot. in fact, the only part touching are my toes. i feel this is more comfortable than a free stance. my hamstrings and butt are extremely sore today.