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Stiff Legged Deadlift Smith vs Free Weight

Hi all, i have been wondering alot about which of the to versions is most beneficial when it comes to preventing injury in my lower back.

I feel when you do it with free weights you need to focus alot about technique and can get injured more easily

But i still feel a little bit skeptical towards the smith machine version cause it moves in a straight line all the time, but my range of motion is just to below knees so i dont know if it is that big of a concern then.

I would really appreciate some advice :slight_smile:

You only get hurt when your ego gets in the way and use too much weight than you can handle, progress too quickly, usually because of ego, attempt to go beyond failure, which is a result of ego, or attempt to lego my ego, which is part of a nutritious breakfast.

Ok the last part has nothing to do with it, but the others do. And they usually result in improper form. With that said, SLDL usually require completely straight legs and sometimes a rounded back for greater ROM. I would do RDL instead (Romanian deadlift in case you didn’t know). I would use in instead of SLDL or the machine variation. Not that the machine variation is horrible, but I can’t see it being good for the back.

i have now looked a little closer on the romainian deadlift it looks great, and i am going to try it at my next workout :slight_smile: thanks for your reply