Stiff Leg DL Question

I just recently started doing stiff leg deadlifts. For a long time, I had been doing Romanian deadlifts, and I thought it was time to switch things up a bit. My question is this: I have been doing my stiff leg deadlifts on a high block, and going as deep as I can (till the bar touches my feet). I have been going relatively heavy on these (6-8 reps).

I know I loose my lower back arch somewhat (I don’t feel like I lose it all the way), but is it safe to be using weights around 315lbs with this? Also, would it be better if I wore a belt? The main reason I continue to do this exercise is because it has helped wonders with my deadlift.

I would increase the reps and keep for tight. It is an excellent exercise but the inherent danger is way too much in my book.

Check the first video of Ronnie Coleman who squats and deadlifts humongous amounts yet on this exercise he was doing lots of reps but with less than 225.