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Stiff Leg Dead's


What is the best rep/set scheme for stiff leg dead lifts for a 13 yr. old basketball player who just started lifting weights 2 weeks ago?

I am doing 3-5 sets of 10 than the last 2 sets of 8 with heavier weight.

Also, when should i switch to lower reps?



Boy this is one I was VERY hesitant to touch.

Two reasons=

Stiff deads can be, as with any movement, dangerous if form is not correct. But I love them myself and feelt thewy are a very effective movemnet that has a place in everyones routine. It is simply impossible to tell how you are doing with the loads you have now over the internet.

The second being your age. You are still growing etc.. Now is no time, nor is any other, to mess up a major part your body like your back due to piss poor form from lifting higher loads with ego, instead of lighter loads correctly.

I would say stick close to the reps you have. Maybe drop to a 5x5 scheme with a little higher weight. Make sure you ALWAYS use safe form. Try and progress on adding a rep or two each week to the total of ALL work sets. Once you are able to move the 5x5 load for say 5x7-8 move up a little and start over.

Also just mix it up. even if you mobe to some lower rep higher load work dont forget about the higher rep stuff forever. Go back to it as well from time to time. Or even go to a 10x3 where you use say that same 5x5 load but are stopping well short of failure. Getting 10 very clean crisp sets.

In the short, mix it up, have fun, dont over anylize this, go lift, above all do it safely and enjoy every minute.

Hope that helps


if you are only a few weeks in, i would recommend you drop the SLDL altogether (for reasons Phill mentions) and practice Ian King's basic DL form:

for hoop training, i think one DL session/week is prob enough because the real base of your entire program would be running sprint sets at least twice a week (100m sprint, jog back slowly on your toes, repeat, etc).
sprints will improve your speed, agility, endurance, and ups.

add your jumping exercises and if you want more direct hamstring work, mix in some standing/seated GMs. good luck...


Thanks you for your help. Do u guys think i should stop Dead Lifting until im a little older?


No. You don't have to stop deadlifting. Just don't do it for max attempts. Keep the weight in a range where you can do 7-8 reps, but do sets of five or so.



Read read my post and listen to Nate... as well

Stay strong and stick with it.


Many trainers I have read/listened to sugest 12-15 reps for beginners (this includes several writers for this site)

Also It is well established that as training age advances reps can get lower and lower... so I would assume for the majority of people the opposite is true (i.e. A young individual new to training will see good results with higher reps)

I mean being a newbie and young you will see benifits from whatever you do, so sticking to lighter weight and higher reps you will reduce the chance of injury and get more practice with the movements.

I would stick with higher reps for the first 6-8 weeks as this is a standard accepted time frame (from what I have read) for neurological improvements to take place before you will see mass improvements.

Obviously more strength specific training will better suit you as an athlete but I feel the reduced risk of injury and taking the proper time to learn the movements is much more important (and shouldnt reduce your results). i would be curious to see what the maximum intensity more knowledgable trainers feel is appropriate for someone your age.


don't misunderstand me tom. as everyone here will tell you, you must DL! (you'll be hooked on them soon enough anyway)

i emphasized sprints for your hoop training simply because it works. at your age, functional strength -- using muscles in the same way you would use them on the court (cutting, jumping, cutting quickly, sprint bursts, cutting on a dime, etc) -- is what will separate you from the pack.

remember though, there is no substitute for your lifts and eating. good luck man...