Stiff Leg Deads

What is the correct range of motion on stiff leg deads? I have short legs and I am flexable so right now I am doing them on a box and lowering the bar all the way to my toes, is there any benefit to going that low, or any safty concerns? Also, when do you guys do them? I do them on back day with regular deads but I am thinking about moving them to quad day with squats.

Are you keeping your back straight when you do these? I’m pretty certain (at least this is how i do it) you are supposed to keep your back flat as if you were doing regular dead lifts. Given that you are touching your toes with the bar I would think you are bending your back. I could be wrong though.

Ditto what D Rock said. Most people can’t get any where near that low, even if they are flexible. Make sure your knees aren’t locked, and you’re keeping a good arch in your back. One way I’ve found to increase range of safe motion is to point the toes inward SLIGHTLY.

Hold on a second here, guys. There are numerous ways to perform most lifts, and a rounded back version of a stiff-leg deadlift has its place in some training programs. I tend to use an arched back version more often, however, and would probably recommend it to someone who is fairly new to the movement (which Kayrob seems to be). Kayrob, I would perform them on a leg day…you said you have a quad day, but do you also have a day for hip dominant movements? If so, it would probably fit best on a hip dominant day, but we would have to see the rest of your split.

I think you are probably okay… although definitely, as others posted, check out your form w/ regards to the lower back.
Ala Pavel, I tend to bend my knees slightly when doing stiff legged deadlifts because otherwise all the stress falls right under my kneecaps… thus, the bar doesn’t travel quite as far - probably part of why deadlifts are my best lift right now.