Stiff Leg Dead for Knee Rehab

Hi, I suffered an injury in rugby about a year ago now, where my knee came out and when back in. So I have been having trouble with my ligaments since then. After talking with a mate of mine about this problem and how to strength the knee, he was saying that because i do a a lot of squatting my quads have become very dominant, and maybe adding to the pain because my hamstrings are not a strong.

So I thought I would try and do some stiff leg dead’s, but what I thought was if I put some plates underneath the front of my foot to elevate the front part and do a stiff leg dead I would get better stretch on the hams.

I would like to know has any one tried this technique before and do you think that it will help or it is doing more harm than good, by over stretching the hams?

Stiff leg deads, in conjuction with other hip extension based exercises will be of great value to you. It’s not only hamstring strength to be focused on, but gluteal strength as well.

Don’t focus on “isolating the hamstring”. Just focus on getting good glute activation drills, hip mobility drills, and hip extension based exercises into your program.

Also, I’m assuming you mean that you subluxed your patella, and not the knee joint itself.

Yeah it was the patella not the joint, sorry should have made that clear. Thank for the help and I will work on more mobility drills as well.

if your truley that quad dominant, there are other contributing factors that go along with this. CNS being the most important ones to understand. You may very well need hamstring strength, but most like glute. Hip extension exercise like what most people know as the Contreras Hip Thrust. The other key ingredients are soft tisse work in the quads and some mobility/activation drills before big lifts like squat/dead