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StickThose's Training Log - Open to Advice


Age: 20
Height: 5ft 9" (175cm)
Weight: 79kg
Body fat: around 10%

Bench: 95kg
Deads: 155kg
Squat: (dunno yet)

After finishing a bulk and cut session over the summer where i went from 75 to 82 then down to 79kg i have decided to try and build some strength to help me with my bodybuilding.

My Long-term goal is to get to 85-90kg with my current bf%,
So for now i just want to improve my strength so i can go back to my bodybuilding routine later on.

Diet - About 200g of protein and 200g of carbs a day. About 100g of fat too.
Taking pre workout protein shake, post workout protein and creatin shake and ceasin protein at night

Feel free to give me any advice on anything i am doing wrong or give me any tips.

First Log

Back -

Deads - 60x3, 100x3, 140x1, 155x1, 155x1

Wide grip pull ups 30 as many sets as it takes. (took 6 sets)

T-rows - 45kgx8, 45x7, 50x6, 50x5

Cable rows 3 sets