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Sticking Points


Over the past two weeks I've been maxing out some of the lifts I do most often to get a general asssessment of where I am at right now.

I managed to get BW+105 in the chinup, BW+135 in the dip, a whopping 225 on the back squat (205 for front), and 335 on the deadlift. Now in both the squat and deadlift, I realize that my sticking point is due to weak glutes (and maybe hammies), as I fail in the top 3/4 in the squat and with the lockout on the deadlift.

However, for the chinup and dip I am not so sure. For the dip, I generally fail at the bottom (cannot even get out of the hole), and for the chinup at the very top.

Can anyone
(1) help me determine the cause of the sticking points on chinups and dips, and
(2) give me some feedback on how to strengthen these areas in the lifts? I know that simply strengthening the limiting muscles will go a long way towards solving this problem, but are there any other techniques that would be beneficial to include?


Give this program a whirl: