Sticking Points Exercises for High Bar Squat Done with Front Squats?

Hi Christian

When doing sticking point exercises for the bottom and top of the high bar squat ie 2 sec bottom pause squat and split squat, would you recommend using the same bar position or could you use the same techniques but with a front squat position? I’ve used a reg front squat for the middle part as recommended in 915 so far, but now my sticking point is out of the hole.

If both can be used, a short explanation of the benefits and draw backs of the one position compared to the other would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the articles and forum posts.

Sure you can do paused front squat in the bottom. But not completely in the bottom. We want the muscles to hold you up, not your structures. So do the pause maybe 2" before being all the way to the bottom.

Also, DO NOT go back down and bounce in the hole after the pause, as soon as the pause is over lift the weight up without utilizing a stretch reflex.