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sticking point?

what is this “sticking point” term i her so much about in magazines and articles?
I have no idea what it is and its in a lot of exercise descriptions.
I’d appreciate it if somebody told me what it was!
thank you :slight_smile:

Sticking point refers to the point in any lift that you tend to fail at first. For example, many guys can get the bar a couple of inches off their chest in the bench press, but then stall midway and can’t finish. That stopping (or sticking point) is what these articles are referring to.

“sticking point” : during your last rep, it is the point of the rep to where you can not move the weight on your own. the point at where the weight stops moving, even though your pushing your guts out. it takes the spotter to help pull you through this “sticking point”…

Sticking point ‘could’ also mean the point at which your muscular or weight loss gains have plateued.