Sticking Point Mid-Squat. Pin Squats or Paused Squats?

My sticking point in the squat isn’t so much at the bottom but more in the middle when im trying to stand up. Would pin squats set at my sticking point be better than paused squats? I would imagine they would be but I’ve had people tell me otherwise

Video please?

I would say both pin squats and pause squats would help but pause squats are lower than the sticking point for me. Pin squats in my opinion would help more for training the sticking point.

Both can work, but pin squats should be done from a few inches below the sticking point. Where you get stuck isn’t where the problem is, it’s where bar speed drops off.

Watch this video:


My sticking point was stalling from hole to mid and I’d be good. I was recommended chain squats 6x2 at 50% for speed work, and 4/5x5 pause squats with the pause in mid

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It seems to me that pausing in the middle is more of a technique fix than anything, it will help if you tend to lean forward too much and let your hips shoot up. Dead squats for singles are my personal preference, I just wouldn’t use them all the time though.

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Pause them. Pause them at the bottom. Gotta get faster out of the hole to beat sticking points and pausing in the hole teaches you a better position when you’re in the hole. You’ll learn where you’re strongest body posture is. Pause squats fix both. I agree with Chris in that its probably a technique issue on your part. Learn to sit in the hole and explode up properly with good form.

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Like others have said, pause squats.

They have done wonders for power out of the hole, and have the benefit of building confidence in the hole so it’s easier to (mentally) hit depth. I’ve used a number of pauses and rep schemes but found the longer pauses, like a 3 count to be great.

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I have the same sticking point brother. I did a squat cycle recently were I did highbar paused squats, but I did not pause until after I hit the hole and came up a few inches over parallel (my sticking point) After doing this squat variation in place of my normal lowbar squat for like 6 weeks i hit a huge lowbar pr. I would also recommend doing more quad work. Front squats, hack squat, legpress ext… Hope you try it out.

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