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Sticking Point Has Shifted, What Next?

I don’t compete in PLing, but I do like to alternate training cycles between volume and strength work with at least 2 of every 16 weeks or so hitting sets of 1-3 and trying to reestablish new PRs. I figured this forum was the best place to post this.

I was just curious if any of you have dealt with your sticking point shifting drastically over time? As long as I can remember, on bench press if I could even get the bar moving off the chest the rep was a guarantee. However, this last phase I found myself getting stuck and even pinned maybe 3/4 from lockout, which was mind blowing. It’s the same now for close-grip, incline, basically any full ROM bench.

Any takeaways from this? My numbers are improving on every press variation as well as weighted dips, but just strengthening triceps doesn’t seem to be enough. What accessory work would you recommend? While I love to train with alot of variety in terms of loading schemes the exercises I cycle through are mostly big basics and their most popular variations.

Thanks for reading!

Build lockout power and speed if speed is slow.

So 2-3 board depending on arm length, banded bench pressing, banded benching, heavy triceps and volume triceps, make sure you got plenty of upper back strength to support the weight too.

Also ensure it’s not a technique thing, maybe you need to just learn how to flare. A video would be of great help.