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Stick with Current Plan or Train for Neural Type?

Hey CT,

I’m currently 4 weeks into a percentage based training plan and came across your neural typing articles and I have to say they grabbed me. (Not sure how I missed them before since I read most articles on here).

I feel like i fit the type 2 characteristics quite well, reading the Type 2 training article was almost a “Holy ****” moment, I didn’t think I was type 2 until I read the section on Nutrition for type 2 and realised “Yep thats me!”, and on reflection am probably more type 2A than 2B.

My question is should I switch to a training plan designed around this, or stick to my current plan.

I only ask this because I have a tendency to program hop from time to time, and Im currently following a Training template that has me training 4 days a week, with 2 main compounds each day in the 3-5 rep range, followed by some assistance work in the 10-20 rep range. My concern is that because my current training isn’t as high volume as I normally like, that I will be using this as an excuse to switch it up, counter-productively.

Considering my program has 3 phases to it, with the next 4 weeks increasing volume and the 4 week block after that adding more volume still and some intensity techniques. would this be a sufficiently suitable program for a type 2A or would you recommend switching now?

Thanks in advance

The coaches on here won’t comment on other coaches work. Fair enough.
If you need variety. 531 programming is actually really great, contrary to popular belief. The Forever 531 book has enough templates to last a lifetime (seriously, I’m not exaggerating) and they are all customizable to a degree.

You should post this in the 531 forum though. In the future it’s probably best to just explain your training and ask for advice. Asking a professional coach for advice on how to use another coaches work is a little disrespectful. Just my $.02

Fair point. I did consider not using the terminology, and certainly meant no disrespect, but wanted to avoid writing out a full training plan which could make it pretty difficult for CT to read & respond. Ill try rewording the OP.


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