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STFU Laker Fans!

  You didn't win shit!!! The Lakers did. Stop screaming like if you're actually part of the team. WE did it!!!! We did it!!! WTF!!!! (for a fucking a hour,hitting cars,honking) The Lakers don't give a shit about you,they just want your money.

The only reason to be screaming like that is if you win the lottery or actually accomplishing something yourself.

  Congrats Lakers on winning. You guys did it, not your fans!!!




What is a team without fans? Isn't that why teams want HOME COURT ADVANTAGE, because of the fans?


This is a pet peeve of mine too.

"We're getting Posada back real soon, so we'll be good."

We huh? I always ask them when they bought stock in the team.


Totally man, I dont watch sports unless I know an athlete or am participating...Fuck national sports and all that shit. I just hat pop culture in general, so I might be talking about something completely different. I just dont understand why people are so caught up with celebritues/athletes these days

like you said, they dont give a fuck about you

and they'll never be like "hey Rocky, I know you were late for work and got fired because you were supporting my team/mpvie, so here let me pay your bills"

I really think entertainment is a way to keep people ignorant by forcing people to believe its "only right" to do certain things and "normal" o think/watch/do whateverone else is doing so you'll "fit in". When enough people "fit in" they turn to promoting the idea to everyone else, like a fucking pyramid scheme



loud sports fans are just trying to live vicariously through other people and they don't have any athletic ability of their own.


Did you guys never get picked or something? Obviously there will always be dumb, loud assholes making a scene. But just as well, there are numerous positive effects of national sports, being a fan, claiming that a team is 'yours', and following a sports franchise.

Taken with a grain of salt, and not becoming a mindless raving idiot, the experience is almost entirely a positive one, through victories and defeats, you can take something out of it and it can be a good thing in your life for many reasons. I don't get this sort of cynicism.


Obviously, your team didn't win you little cunt muffin. So quit ya bitchin' and please grow a male reproductive system.

Go Lakers.


you are obviously not a fan of sports if you can't describe a team that you are not a legit part of but closely follow as 'we'.

you guys bashing on fans for celebrating a victory are fucking ignorant tools. I don't condone riots when a team wins of loses, but you shouldn't talk shit about people who are fans of a team and celebrate when THEY(fan and team) wins.


really? athletes don't give a fuck about us? we are the ones paying their salaries. We buy tickets, we buy their jerseys, we show our love for them when they are playing like gods and we mourn with them when they are playing like shit.

There is only one thing i hate more then yankee and dodger and raider and bronco fans...that is people who hate sports for no specific reason.

And i am sorry, sucking blood out of necks is not a sport yet, crawl back into your vampire club meeting you pretentious idiot.


From the teams you listed you have to be from San Diego, am i correct? If so, then hell yes!

You are right though. A professional team would not exist without fans.


San Diego born and raised. now in school here. I will probably never leave, it is too perfect.


WE DID IT! Without Shaq!


Oh really? Yet your avatar is of Blade Trinity, the 3rd installment in a vampire trilogy and a Hollywood production, and surprise surprise you consider yourself a vampire.


Its just a joke, I've never seen Blade. Blade was my nickname back in High School because I'm a big black vampire lol. I actually do not watch vampire movies, the handful of them I've seen are pretty stupid and misleading...actually I dont really watch tv or listen to mainstream music.


You've never seen blade? Damn man you need too. That series is my favorite movies ever, Wesley Snipes is the shit in that movie. I mean look at his haircut and those tats, you can't fuck with that lol


Nice, where do you go to school at? I just graduated from SDSU.


Meh, I don't have a problem with people saying "we", as long as they're true fans. A lot of those people were probably nowhere to be found during the period when the Lakers weren't even making the playoffs. But now all of a sudden they're winning and these guys jump on the bandwagon like they've always been around. That's what pisses me off the most. But it's ok to say "we", the fans are just as important a part of a team as it's players, coaches, and staff are. Without the fans, the team couldn't be.


I disagree with the idea that it's pretentious for a fan to refer to their team in the first person.

I buy the tickets, I buy the t-shirts, I pump up the TV ratings. I may only be one out of a few million, but the bottom-line is that there wouldn't be a team if it wasn't for people like me. So yeah, I'm going to use "we", "us", and "our" when talking about my teams, and I don't mind when fans of other teams do the same thing.

Especially at the college level, when my tax dollars support the school, I attended the school, I live in the area surrounding the school, on top of the tickets, t-shirts, and ratings, etc.. You're damn right I'm a part of the program, albeit a small one.

I do have a huge problem with bandwagon fans, but that's another issue...


Oh boy how I would love to meet you in real life. Bein' a vampire and all. I'm a werewolf, so, you know, it's all good.