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Stevie Wonder Boycotts Florida


Stevie Wonder... who gives a rats ass?



How does he know he is black?

This reminds me of the Dave Chappelle show about the Black White Supremest.


He's from Detroit.




I am not sure but the way I understand it , If Trayvon would have been an adult , he would have been justified in killing Zimmerman . The only obstacle is it is illegal for a minor to own a gun and Trayvon was not packing . Other than that Travon could have justifiably killed Zimmerman. Welcom back to the Wild Wild West , oh South :slight_smile:

I believe Mr Wonder is protesting the Stand your ground Law


Well I don't think we want Mr.Wonder as our lawmaker. Just another hypocrite with a knee jerk reaction.

I'm sure his body guards never stand their ground when anxious fans approach.

  1. I will never understand how this was turned into a white on black racial case. A multicultural, multiracial/ethnic, bilingual, self-identifying Hispanic Democrat becomes the brown face of white racism. I mean, if a university was putting together a diversity and minority outreach program, Zimmerman's photo and family back ground would be featured in the recruitment pamphlets. This guy, Zimmerman, looks more 'brown' than Cain "Brown Pride" Velasquez...George "White Pride" Zimmerman? Really? He's "diversity" personified.

  2. I will never understand why people continue to talk about this case and Stand Your Ground together. It wasn't a SYG defense.

  3. I'm tired of everyone pretending that white on black homicides are what needs to end in order for black youth to make it into their 30's.
    Inter-racial homicide is pretty damn uncommon across the board. Even so, 8% of all homicides are black on white. Only 4% are white on black....

  4. But, nationally, blacks make up half of homicide victims and offenders with only 13-14% of the population. Having the highest level of intra-racial homicides.

Stevie doesn't like Florida? Good. He and the rests of the racial agitators, race pimps and hustlers, should consider marching and protesting on NYC. Oh no, right, a black life only has value in the rare instance when a white man takes it. Or hell, if you don't have a white man, shoe horn in a multiracial Hispanic.

You want to save black lives? Look in a mirror.

I'm over people pretending they gave a crap that a young black kid died. They cared more about the thrill of the activist spirit. Of being part of something. And just the fact that Zimmerman wasn't black himself gave them all the excuse to get a big touchy feely movement going. I'm over it.


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I bet if Trayvon would have shot Zimmerman , he would be convicted because Trayvon was a minor and in possession of a gun


I now words have very little meaning in this forum . We have people that fight tooth and nail that blacks have always had the right to vote and Gays have always had the right to marry and I will believe you that minors have always had the right to carry a gun


I agree the issue is more broad than Racial . But I believe Racism is rampant in America both from Black as well as White . I also think if Trayvon would have been a son of a welthy black person the case could have turned out different .

The way I understand the law is that you do not have to invoke it, it is the LAW


the relation of an owner to the thing possessed; possession with the right to transfer possession to others.


Then you do not understand the LAW. In the state of Florida there has to be a hearing for SYG to be admitted into the case. Zimmerman only claimed self defense not SYG. If he would have claimed SYG he would have lost.


Do you live in FLA.? and where did you get your info



I have family who live in Florida. Did you even watch the trial? They talked about this endlessly. SYG in the State of Texas is pretty much the same thing. There was a guy here in Texas that went down the street to confront his neighbors who were having a loud party. He showed the gun and told the people to quite down because he had called the police. The guys surrounded the guy with the gun and he shot one of them and killed them. The jury found he instigated the fight and the SYG law was not able to be used and found him guilty of murder.

George Zimmerman did not do the exact same thing, but the SYG would not have been the way to go. Zimmerman's defense team did the correct thing, and we now know why he used self defense.


And we all know Wiki is the best place for legal advice.


No but it is good for layman


It gets you in the ballpark.


Thank you! I was at a dinner party last weekend and shocked everyone at the table talking about racial issues when I said the guy is Hispanic. You would have thought I shook a baby to death from the looks on their faces.