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Stevie Ray Vaughan

[quote]Bujo wrote:
Growing up in Austin its practically required to be an SRV fan. Any given Saturday you can find a SRV cover band playing somewhere in town. I never got to see SRV play live but I have seen his brother and old band play a few times.

I was at ACL Fest a couple years back Buddy Guy was on stage, and damn that guy can put on a show. Anyways, during the show Buddy Guy would tell stories about SRV in between songs. It was a good time.[/quote]

I was at a Buddy Guy concert last night. The guys in his 70’s (at least) and still goes through the crowd while playing (even into the balcony). I think he only played 2-3 of his own songs, the rest were other Blues legends.

If you can go see Buddy Guy, do it! The guy is a true entertainer and his passion for the Blues comes through every second of the show!

I saw SRV play back in ‘85… sharing the bill with his brother’s band The Fabulous Thunderbirds (boring) and Roy Buchanan (effin’ awesome).

I was really bummed when SRV died. I was thinking, “Why couldn’t it have been Eric Clapton instead?”

I was lucky enough to see him in Detroit with Jeff Beck and his live playing was perfect. He played note for note but not robotic if that makes any sence. Heard the news of his death on the radio and had to pull the car over. Don’t forget he played on David Bowie’s Let’s Dance album. Bowie offered to take him on tour for minimum scale or something and SRV said no.

The performance on Austin City Limits is incredible. His signiture guitar is brutal to play because of the high action and the heavy gauge strings he used. The list of great players is long.

Dimebag, Jimi, Randy…

lol well unlike all you old farts here I was only 2 years old when he died so I never got to see him in person haha jk all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Me and some buddies went to this pool hall a couple years ago and his version of little wing came on the radio and I was like…Hendrix? No this isn’t Hendrix…figured out who he was and then I’ve been a fan since and it even got me into some blues…

also a buddy of mine has a Fender thats the same model as SRV and he can jam with the best of em. Myself, him, and two more of our closest friends had our own house just out of high school and we’d jam out all the time.

A lot of his songs bring back good times for me and I didn’t even listen to one of his songs until probably 15 years after his death or so.

That shows how you can live on after death :wink:

[quote]Dirty Gerdy wrote:

anybody else a fan out there?

I was lucky enough to see him 3 times. The first was before being “discovered”.