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Stevia Anyone ?

I was wondering how safe Stevia is compared to other sweeteners. Should someone be concerned about it raising insulin levels or not? Your thoughts please.

Cy Wilson wrote a good article comparing the safety of stevia and sucralose (Splenda):

Stevia tastes horrible to me so I don’t use it. However, I’ve dieted with and without using splenda and there was no difference. If you are on top of your calorie intake, using or not using any low-calorie sweetener is not going to matter.

I would not recommend it. I stopped taking a protein powder that contained it because it was messing with my digestive system… of course everyone is different.

Also, I remember reading some bad side effects about it. So those two factors led me to scrap the stevia product.

supposed to increase insulin sensitivity and be good for ya

I use Stevia and like it (though I hardly use ANY sweetners, but when I do it’s stevia.)

One of the proteins powders I really like has stevia in it.

Like mostly things…do enough searching you SHOULD find:

  1. Groups that love it and say that it cures all diseases
  2. Groups that love it, but know it’s not the end all be all.
  3. Groups that say it CAUSES all sorts of problems…including our current economic problems.
  4. Groups that say the people in #3 are just part of the sugar industry, and that they have a stranglehold on the FDA.
  5. Groups that say the people in #4 are conspiracy theorists.
  6. etc.

In the end, I did all the reading I could. Deemed it safe enough for me, tried it, liked it, and use it.

@Andersons - I don’t find stevia has any taste…were you trying it straight or using a lot of it? All I get from it is a bit of a sweetness on my tongue, but no taste.

I read somewhere that long term use can lower Test levels, but don’t quote me it was on BB.com