Steve's Log

Wandered back into the forums today and thought I’d reactivate my account

I’m Steve, 24 y/o
6 foot 4 and 96kg.

Last time o used these forums I was boxing, I stopped competing because of a few injuries and found it hard to keep training a sport I didn’t compete in so I just went on to lift weights and be a fitness person.
Pest lifts
Snatch: 92.5 kg
Clean: 110kg x2
Squat: 170kg x2
Press: 75kg
Deadlift: 230kgx2
Bench: never maxed, I honestly don’t enjoy it, hit 105kg at a PL meet but had more in me.

I work in the daytime as a health trainer, working with people who have been sent by their Dr for various reasons generally heart attacks and the like and rehab them back to health. I also personal train in the mornings and evenings.
I work a 32 hour week and another 18-22 for myself, considerably less than when I was a full time PT but a lot more than my peers.

I normally train in my garage but I am renovating my house and my gym is currently filled with tools etc, so I bouncing around variois local hl gyms until the kitchen is finished (when I predict I’ll be able to clear my gym back out)

I don’t really know what else to put?

Yesterday I got a couple months membership at a local 24 hour.
It had a rack and a platform so that was cool, got talking to a couple of PTs there and they seemed like cool enough folk, there was some total creatures in there too.

Im really just coasting right now, trying to sort my life out with regards to work and the house so I do a lot of EMOM stuff, of keeps me breathing heavy and keeps some weight in my hands.

8 round EMOM
squat 2 reps at 130kg. Felt super light and moved very fast basically 8x2 in 8 min.

Sumo 5x2 as an EMOM. This felt slow. But I deadlifted a few days ago and did 200x2 then 160x10 and 120x 25 so I was probably pretty fatigued.

5 double kettle bell presses, 1 pull up, 5 presses 2 pull ups etc up to 5 twice.

That afternoon I played badminton for an hour.
Where I work badminton is a really big deal, of never played 6 month ago. I was finding it hard to get a bunch of 60-65 year olds moving a few month ago. Turned out a lot if them had played at national and regional level so I’ve just been taking them for badminton games.
Played a former GB who might be 62 but doesn’t miss a trick. He barely moved wile ibsprinted all over.
Since I more or less force them into exercise they love getting their own back on a thursday.
One day I’m going to wear a heart rate monitor
After that I played with a county champion with COPD and a false knee and his mate (another good player) I lost. Haha.

After reading through a couple logs, in particular alpha made me feel like just need to do ‘more’

Last night i did a circuit of calf raises, low incline dumbells and hammer curls. Basically a “what wasn’t worked yesterday” for 20 reps a peice, practised some dragon flags and went home. It was done in the last half hour of my shift.
Working a split today and got furniture to set up upstairs but going to try and get something done today too.
Given myself a deadline of Monday to sort it out and get something more structured in place. I really like dan Johns 40 day thing as it would fit into my life real well right now