Steve's First Log

Hello, welcome!

Donâ??t bother wiping your feet, itâ??s a tip already.

Iâ??ve been a long time lurker on this site but decided its time I actually logged my training, met a few cool people and de-lurked myself.

Some backround about me:

I train in amateur boxing and full contact karate, not so much the karate at the min as Iâ??m preparing for my first fight with the boxing.

As you can probably guess training is pretty performance based and Iâ??m having to keep the weight down witch SUCKS!

Some stats:
18 years old
6 feet 4-5

deadlift 180kg
squat 140kg
bench 100kg
overhead press (this is by far my worst lift) 55kg

my fight is on the 20th of may, after that I have 6 weeks till I go on holiday, I plan on outing some graft in and seeing how much I can gain in that short time, Iâ??m thinking something like max-OT with a huge amount of calories.

Welcome round, I hope you enjoy.

Today was a busy busy day. Wall of text incoming!

Had boxing this morning with the college club, wasn?t training with my coach which isn?t ideal but they?re a good group of lads.

Did a general warm up jogging dynamic mobility etc.
They where having a right old chin wag so I did a little shadow sparing.
2 mins bag work, 10x 40m sprints with a gentle jog back, and 1 min skipping
1 min rest for. Rounds
did this for 3 or four circuits didn?t massively push myself because I had a busy day ahead but got a good sweat on.
We then did stair runs up the main school building, its 3 stories I didn?t count the steps!
5x up and down one step at a time
One min rest
5x up and down 2 stairs at a time
One min rest
Jog back around to the gym

I then did 3 rounds of slow mo shadow boxing, trying to really visualise my putting my planned tactics into action.

Finished up with 3 rounds on the shield.
This is a big old strike shield (picture roman shield but padded) at my opponent moves forward really aggressively, I?ve got to get out of his way, tie him up, push him of and try and land punches when I can. He rammed and pushed me all over the shop but I think I did pretty well.

Was 3 rounds on 2 mins fighting one rest.

I then had a day of college and had a strength session this afternoon.

This evenings strength workout was:

Squat lockouts from pins: bar was in line with my nipples just as a judge of distance.

3x 60kg
3x 100kg

squat, going below parallel:

5x bar
5x 60 kg
5x 65
3x 95

2x95 no rest 2 x 100 repeated twice

felt weak today but this morning probably took its toll.

Slight incline fat bar bench, flat bench causes a bit of a twinge in my shoulder but if I lift the bench slightly (the first or second setting) my shoulder is fine, I also feel a much better contraction in my chest. My numbers go down quite a bit but I feel like the two lifts will be equal soon.

5 x 72.5

T-bar row 8x 3 15kg plater

Inc bench 5x 72.5

T-row 6 x 4 15kg plates

Inc bench 70 kg

T-row 5x 6 15 plate

Inc bench drop set: 5x70 5x65 5x60 5x55 5x50 5x45 etc al the way down to an empty bay

T-row put a 5kg under the 6 15plates reps took a plate of every 5 reps till I ended with just the 5 kg

Annnnddd finally.

This afternoon had a brisk half k walk with the weight vest on and a slow 1k jog with it on.

Sorry for the boring first posts, promise I?ll be more fun in the future!

Oh I forgot i did 5x5 of 5 plates a side on the leverage leg press. To finish the strength work

Today, went to boxing.

Was the last full contact session before my fight, so I tried to put In An effort.

Did 2 rounds of pad work with my coach, did some skipping and had a bit of a foam roll etc.

Then did 3 rounds sparring in full conditions, I.e. With corner staff, people shouting, In full gear.

Can’t get used to the head guards, they do my nut, I train all year without normally.

Did more skipping and general keep moving stuff.

Did 10 40m pushes with a prowler to finish off, 4plates, didn’t go nuts because I want to Deadlift tomorrow :slight_smile:

Strength work today.
All weights in KG


rack pulls

seated DB OHP
22.5x 10

seated DB clean and press, saw Dave tate recomend them and they looked fun, they where! felt it a lot in the low traps and romboid

Next time i’ll up the weight and drop the reps, i just wanted to have a go.

dead stop DB rows

Db pull overs
3x10 @27.5

face pulls
some morex6

Trying to always do something for my rear delts at the end of a workout, and my shoulders feel much better/pain free.

Enjoyed todays work out a lot. I Pulled my 1RM again and dont think 200k is to far away right now. Good times!

Did a conditioning session on the beach, won’t bore you with the details but in involved a lot of interval work, shuttle runs and the like.

Did a bit sparring after, only 3 rounds then had another sparring session this evening, did about 5 rounds.
Felt good today, no more contact till fight night now.

Feeling confident.

Rest day tomorrow, going to catch up on some neglected revision and equally neglected foam rolling.

Hrrmm yesterdays posts look like they have disappeared…

Today’s workout was:


Box squats
5x5 @ 60kg. Was very light but was focusing on getting a big stretch in my hamstring and really exploding up.

Full cleans
7x3 @60kg

Weighted chins
5 w/10kg
5 w/ 15
5 w/15
5 w/10
5 w/5

Box jumps
5 or 6 sets of five o. The fire escape doors. Was reaching just above my hip hight. Or the 5th step, in the way we measured it, will have to video it soon because I dont really know what I’m doing if I’m honest.

Also had boxing this morning too, not going into details but it wasn’t that tough.

Feel exhausted today, forgot how much I liked explosive training, didn’t get to sleep till about 1 and had to be up at 5 for boxing , had an excellent nap earlier.

Good day

Ooohhhh my traps.

Got boxing in a few hours.

And a hole in my foot from doing footwork drills.

Pretty cool last night, my coach gave me 2 VIP tickets to go to a dinner with Joe Frazier, as in smoking Joe Frazier!

Was really cool, I had my photo taken with him and had a chance to have a little chat. What true gentleman he was.

He said a little prayer for us all and told a few great stories, and even sang for us after dinner.

There were a few big names wandering around and it was great just to relax and talk to everyone, met a bloke who could have given us all a bit of advise on here too, he was a world super heavyweight champ in the unlicensed circuit, he was easily 235lb - 250lbs with a pretty low bodyfat, safe to say he was a scary looking man!

Anyway today’s training was all about speed and explosive power

Did 3 sets of 3 with 30 seconds rest before changing the weight, most moves got about 3 of these ‘clusters’

As always weights are in KG

Power snatch didn’t do the clusters
Bar x3
60x0 fail! Dropped it on my leg, will be a decent bruise tomorrow
60x1 (PR)

Speed pulls (Deadlifts) weights are low but I was moving the bar as fast as I physically could, of course you know what a speed pull is

  1. 3x3 (30 seconds rest between sets)
    1 min rest
  2. 3x3 (30 seconds rest between sets)
    1 min rest
  3. 3x3 (30 seconds rest)

Push press
30 secs rest
50 x3x3 with 30 secs

V grip pull down

Did a plyo press up drill with my hands on the steps of the dip machine, was just wasting time waiting for my mate to finish his last exercise but I turned out to be quite a good little move

5 or 6 sets of 6 or 7 reps wasn’t really paying attention.

Conditioning today with the club on the beach.

Did th usual stair sprints etc not going to bore people with details.

On a cool note we had a ‘test’ that we all got put through.
It involved running to the beach, sprinting the beach, lunging walk to a big platform doing 20 sit ups with feet in the air, 20 reverse crunches and 20 leg raises, 12 wide arm press ups, 12 normal press ups, 12 diamond press ups and 30 squat thrusts, then we had to sprint a hill, run down one set of stairs, up the next then down the last set to where he started.
We had to do the above for two circuits it was really tough but I’m pleased to say I was the first round both times. :slight_smile:

I’m really chuffed with hoe things are going with my training, I just wish I could get my squat up and my OHP will need a lot of attention after my fight.

Yesterdays training:

Me and another lad pushed the coaches van round the car park 3 sets of 3 laps

Shuttle run using 25 lines in the car park as fast as possible this was literally hell!

Foot work drill 20 mins

1 lap of the car park as fast as I could

1 lap f the car park with a 87kg dude on my back as fast as possible (27seconds club record BOOM! )

Another Lap with the lad on my back smashed my last best with 25 seconds

10 squats with the lad on my back

5 squats the same

20 second isometric squat just my own BW

was a tough but fun session pretty funny having to carry each other etc.

Did some enrgy system work today.

400 meters as fast as possible 200 meters jog and 110 meter sprint, rest. For 5 rounds

40 meter walk 40 meter sprint for 10 rounds.

Added 5g of glutamine and 5g creatine to my water while training tasted a bit odd but I think it may become my regular drink for explosive/ energy system workouts.

Fought on Friday.

Was totally outweighed tipping the scale at 89kg. My opponent came in at 103.5 kg.

Stopped him in the first round though, after 1 min 46. Won by TKO.

Totally on top of the world at the min, went out on the drink after, 5 month of no booze blows on the head made it interesting. Was at a wedding all day yesterday and my best mates birthday on the night so i’ve done nothing hut drink since the fight.

Start training on monday again.

Cheeky shoulder sesh today.

Seated DB press (weight of each bell)

28x 6
30 x3
30 x4

Hang clean
77.5 x1
70 x3x5

Reverse pec dec (reverse flyes where hurting my shoulders but this didn’t?)

DB shrugs

Face pulls/cable lat raise

65x6 /15x5
65x9/20x5 (cheating a bit) then 15x5 strict

Reverse grip bench

Post have disappeared

I’ll write what I can remember.

100 all x5

Low incline bench

Weighted chins
BW x10

Another shoulder session

Machine shoulder press partials’ I consider these a great shoulder move for taller lifters going from full stretch to about temple/top of head and back down. Just before the triceps get properly involved
Warm up weight 3x10-20

Seated BB OHP
45 x5
50x5 50x4

Seated DB press 3x6 @ 22.5 each side.

Machine partials again but heavier
1 plate plus a 15 a side 3x6-10

Lat raises 3x6-8@ 12kg

Chest supported rear flyes, 6 reps at 6kg 6 partials @ 10 kg.

Monday I did 100 kettle bell swings (20 kg ) and 50 push ups in 4 min 55secs

Today my hammies where SORE!

But I promised my mate I’d squat with him.

We kept the weight down LOW and focoused on going past parallel and exploding up.

Worked up to 75 kg and did 3 sets of 5
Then 60 for 16 reps

Seated OHP
didn’t feel strong

30,40,50 x5 60x3 50x5

BB bench worked up to 80x5

Chest supported Tbar row 3 plates 5x5

Finished with a circuit of

Leg press, standing ab cable crunches, kneeling cable ‘praying’ crunches and hanging leg raises 3x round 10 reps of each.

welcome back the the “all other logs” AKA the Garbage Logs lol

100KB swings? That sounds awful hahaha

Hey Greg, nice to have someone joining in here, I thought I was alone!

Yeah it was pretty grim, hammys were sore for like 3 days after!

Anyway, wasn’t meant to train yesterday but the library was full of morons and I got frustrated.

Did some mobility etc, and just had a play with a 50kg barbell.

Did 3 laps of CT rockula’s DTC complex with 90 seconds rest. Big thanks to the count himself and Greg for showing me this one!

Did 3 sets of 6 push presses and 5 sets of 5 clean and presses (strict press on the first 3 reps and push press on the last two)

And 3 sets of 20 push ups (doing chad waterburrys 100push ups a day just for giggles)

Wasn’t sore today but my traps felt, I’m not sure ‘activated’ or something, like I had a better MMC or some shit, weird.

Anyway of to the gym in a bit will be backed on a Saturday grrrr