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Steveo's 2010 Log

The above picture is from Jan 08 FYI.

Late Dec/Early Jan 08 time frame.
Bench 145x8
Squat 185x5
Deadlift 175x8

Stats: 195lbs, 5’11 1/2
Deadlift 485X1
5K (3.1) MILE RUN 19:58

5’11 1/2 193 pounds

Ironman Wisconsin Finish time of 13:27:39 (2.4mile swim, 112mile bike, 26.2 mile run)

Jan 07
Half Mile run warm-up 2:41
Standing (strict) Overhead Press Warmup 95 2x10, 135 2x6, 145 2x5 I strained a tendon in my wrist and everytime lowering the bar it felt like someone taking a knife to my wrist otherwise I would have gone for a set of 3 @ 165 pounds.
Standing upright row
Warmup: Oly bar 2 sets of 12
Working weight:95 4X6
Hanging leg raises 5x12
Lame Shoulder day workout.




My current numbers suck after finishing the triathlon a few months ago however here is where I stand.
Deadlift: 415x1
Squat:Start today as I tweaked my acl during a thanksgiving football game but I would say I’m at 315x3 it’s weird I can do deads but going deep for ATG squats made my acl scream initially.
Bench:265x1(would be higher however I always train alone so going to failure isn’t a safe option. Dumbell bench is 100lbs 4x6.

Main compound lifts for me I work well with a 4x6 set rep scheme, I’ll stick to it for the remainder until I start to stall out then I’d like to try the 5/3/1 program.

I will have some new pics at the end of Jan the next half of this month I’m gonna step up the program and hopefully have some worthy progress pics for you all.

I really want to bulk up now and put on some real muscle since I am finally done with the Navy in April and have on last readiness test in March which are stupid easy but the bodyweight standards and everything are stupid for people that lift imo.

Monday January 11th, 2010
1/2 Mile warm up 2:43
Incline Bench working weight 175 4x6
Flat Dumbell bench 100lbs 4x6
Decline bench 225 4x6
Dips BW 5x12
Hanging Knee raises 5x15
Stair Climber: 30mins easing back into cardio to start cutting for my final summer in Virginia Beach so I have a decent body when I start surfing again.

Jan 12
135 1x5
225 1x5
315 2x5
365 2x5
385 2x3
160 4X6
Hanging Leg Raises 4x10

15mins Bike
15mins Stair Climber

Jan 13th
Strict Overhead press
135 lbs 4x6
Push press
195lbs 2x4
Standing upright row
95lbs 3x6
115lbs 1x5
Hanging Leg Rais

20mins Stair Climber
20Mins Bike

Plenty of work stretching to finally get my squat mobility back to where it needs to be.

4ft Box jumps 5x8

14Jan 09
Tricep pressdown’s 170 5x6
Bicep curls Oly bar 85 4x8
Standing Overhead Tricep press (i think this is the correct wording) 60 4x8

4.25ft box jumps 8x8(Almost ate it a few times)

Stair Climber 20mins.

1/2mile warm up 3:47
Flat Bench BB 205 4x6, 225 1x4
Incline Bench BB 175 4x6
Decline Bench BB 205 3x6, 225 2x4
Dips, 3 Sets to failure
Hanging Leg raises 2x8
Box jumps 4ft 2x10

18 January
1/2 mile 2:38 warm up(sprint)
Rack pulls
405 3x6
495 1x6 (Managed to rip a callous off each hand and a nice bloody mess)
425 1x6

(I’m a wuss so the open wound on my hands were affecting my focus a bit)

Cable Rows
120 1x6
170 1x6
Following are “cheat” sets with emphasis on the negative portion.
220 2x6
240 1x4

Hanging leg raises
knee raises

Box jumps 4.25ft

Strict Overhead press 145 4x5
Standing upright row 115 4x6
BBfront lat raises 45 3x8
Hanging leg raises 2x8
Hanging knee raises 3x12

4.25ft box jumps 3x12

20 Jan
1/2 mile 2:37
Tricep pressdowns 160 4x6
190 2x6 (Cheat sets)

Bicep Curls BB 85 4x6

Standing tricep press overhead 60 4x6

Hanging Leg raises 2x8 (Really just a couple sets to get some fresh blood flowing through the core to aid in recovery from the last few days)

Box jumps 4ft box jumps 3x10

Ready to get some quality cycling in these next few days and outta the gym. Here’s the whip : )

I have also been working a lot on flexibility a lot this week and I would say I am two weeks away from a solid front squat again. : )

Sun Jan 24th
Squat rack bench press flat(so I could work to complete failure without a spot.
225 4x5
Negative Portion of bench press.
285 2x1
315 8x1

Dumbell bench pres
100 2x4
115 2x2 :frowning:

Decline bench
205 4x6

Dips 2x8

A lot of work with hamstring flexibility, very close to a very refined overhead squat and working on snatch technique.

25th Jan 2010
Funny story during my warm-up, I usually sprint a 1/2 mile as my warm-up. Anyway the treadmills at the gym go to 12mph. I get on immediately turn it to 10mph, and keep going up 1mph at a time, 12mph is as high as the machine goes and as soon as the motor spun out to reach 12mph the circuit breaker blew and the entire row of treadmills cut off! Go me!

Box Jumps 4.25 ft 3x8
Rack Pulls 405 5x5, 495 1x2, 455 1x3
Pullups 6x6
Cable Rows 160 2x6
Cheat sets with emphasis on negative reps 200 2x8

Box jumps to finish off 4.5ft box jump 3x3 My body wouldn’t agree with me after that and every attempt resulted in a failed attempt to clear the height.

Jan 26th 2010
5 minutes on bike and various stretching
Overhead press 135 5x5
Standing upright row 105 4x8
Hanging knee raises 3x20
hanging leg raises 3x12

Pretty lame workout as my shoulder was screaming from OVHD pressing for some reason, I’m doing plenty of ice, rest, and stretching and hopefully it isn’t affecting me next week, if it still bothers me I am going to quit overhead pressing for a month and hopefully it’s better after that, if not I am going to quit barbell bench pressing for a month and go from there. my gym has all the hammer strength plate loaded stations so I shouldn’t lose too much fitness. If it still is plaguing me I will be seeing the doc.


Taking the week off since I need to recoup after the last 14-16ish weeks of training.