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Steven Seagal - Lawman


This is going to be something.. awesome.


Thoughts? :smiley:


dear God. lol.

hopefully you mean awesome in the ironic sense, like Chuck Norris.


shits gonna hit the fan!


I've never really liked Steven Seagal as an actor, something about the way he's always whispering like everything is a secret (like the guy from "Future Weapons") and how his face is always scrunched up like he's high or something.


I will watch this and every future Segal movie.


And yes, I am aware that his acting skills are debatable.


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I will watch it for the shear silliness and douchy factor.


You'd be the experts on faggots now wouldn't you?

This show is gonna blow chunks hardcore but I'll still have to watch. I wonder if the bad guys will play stunt man for his Akido bullshit.


Saw a commercial for his show this morning while watching Sopranos. Looks funny. People he arrests do double takes and are like "Is that Steven Seagal?!?!"



What's up with this show?


The trailer says Seagal was deputized in the 80's - that's garbage. If that was true then why was Seagal boasting that he was a CIA operative around the same time?

This is probably a semi-fictional account of Seagal's life (taking inspiration from JCVD) with a dash of reality TV thrown in. Inventive? Yes. True? No way.


Whatever sheriff's department he works with would throw a hissy fit if it wasn't true and take away his badge. Maybe even press charges for impersonating a cop.


On tactical forums, where there are real SEALs, Marines, cops etc., he's considered to be a giant douch, to paraphrase a little. they don't likes posers over there.

Anyone interested in serious info on guns, knives, tactics etc., go to www.tacticalforums.com. It's run by Kevin McClung, Mad Dog, a top notch knife maker and self defense expert. He has actually trained the SEALS in knife fighting.

You have to apply for membership and behave yourself there, but it's a great forum info wise.


That doesn't mean he's been a deputy since the 80s. Kind of odd we haven't heard about it until now. If you know anything about Seagal, you'll know he made no secret of being ex-CIA. Why would he keep this under wraps? It's possible they may have deputized him for the show, but if the sheriff's dept. have approved the show's format, they aren't going to press charges against Seagal for impersonating a cop after giving him permission to do so. It's not as if he's running around on his own like a vigilante: he's clearly out with real cops. That may give the impression he's been deputized, but it doesn't mean he has been. I doubt this is a full-blown documentary.

See my previous post for an explanation.


he's been cop with them since the 80's and has lead and be involved in investigations. trained swat as well.



wasn't Elvis Presley made an honorary DEA agent or something by Pres. Nixon?

Interesting how Seagal does that low whisper and did hear him using street/ebonics in that preview.




yeah, because knife fighting is an intergral part of war.....

.....besides rifle marksmanship (CQB and long range), pistol marksmanship, tatics (MOUT, mounted, dismonted), PT, SCUBA, fast rope and HALO qual, land nav....and knife fighting.

seriously, anyone who teaches knife fighting is gotta be the real deal for Spec Ops.


uhhh...he's 6'6"

and he's pretty well known in the martial arts community as a hell of an Akido instructor ( Black Belt instrucor of the Year '79?), and Akdio is actually pretty damn good for controlling people, like something cops might do....

but i could be wrong.