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Steven Lim: 'How I Became A Hunk'


If you do not laugh/get angry/have any response at this, you sir, are not human


you're welcome


I'm going to buy that eyebrow plucking book.


The Engrish makes it extra awesome:

"How does Changes to my appearance change my life?
Guaranteed Effective Weight Gain or Loss Page! Muscles included...


Properly groomed eyebrows are a necessity.


Back when I was in college, a girl once called me a "chunk".

I said, "Chunk? What the hell is that?"

She said, "Well, you're a hunk, but smaller."



I'm not human.


I was angry and then the song calmed me down a bit.


"REALLY HOPE SIR WILL LIKE IT!" www.stevenlim.net


He's got a book on premature ejaculation as well. Clearly this man is the savior so many have been looking for.


I did not laugh/get angry and I don't have any response to this. Meh, told ya I'm not an Human but a ANIMAL,
an solemn monk in the temple of iron...


I'm with you on that one. No response whatsoever. I'm either an animal or I'm dead. Hopefully I'm an animal, because I hear bestiality is making a comeback this fall.


My eyebrows are a naturally graceful arc which have been the subject of study by many great architects and several weird dudes who have offered money to "paint" me for cash.


This claim is useless without a closeup.


Lmao. The first few guys I dated were Asian and then I dated a Caucasian guy who was in the military. After that I have not been attracted to Asian guys at all. I think this website offers some sort of explanation why.



You're just trying to get me close so you can spring the V trap. I know how this works!


LOL, wasn't Chunk the name of the fat kid in The Goonies?


Imagine doing 24 pull-ups with a 80kg body!!! How much strength do u need?!

This made me seriously LOL


I never saw the Goonies.


He is not, by a long shot, an accurate example of what an average asian guy is.