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Steve Slaton of WVU

I got done watching the Pitt/West Virginia game and got on wikipedia to check out what Slaton did in highschool and it said he was gay? Is there any truth to this? I’ve been following West Virginia since about the middle of last year and haven’t heard anything about this? Frankly, I don’t give a crap whether he’s homosexual or not, but I was very surprised to read this and it struck me as very odd that I’ve been following WVU for a little over a year now and haven’t heard any mention of Slaton being homosexual.

I couldn’t find any reference to that on the site first off, maybe it got erased or was a joke to begin with.

Secondly if by homosexual they mean future Heisman winner than yes, Steve Slaton is homosexual. I go to school with him and have had several classes with him but have never heard any sort of rumor about this before. So I’m doubting it.