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Steve Rogers, Agent of Hydra All Along?!


What’s worse, is that I heard there is a subversive movement trying to lobby the writers to turn Cap into a fag.

A bundle of wood? That would be terrible.

or even worse - a Welsh-style meatball!

I just find myself rethinking about some of the “dumb” story lines Marvel has done in the past that have resulted in not much more than decreased sales numbers for their titles.

You would think that with Civil War still strong in theaters, people who aren’t “comic or super hero fans” suddenly coming away being fans of the good Captain that they would try to cash in on this and not do the old shock/alienate current fans approach.


This who thing is fucking stupid and Jack Kirby’s probably rolling in his grave.

I guess there’s the big downfall (sometimes) of the comic industry. YEars after creation, some writer or editor can come up with an idea to take an established character in such a different direction. Of course on the flip side of the coin, is how silly Batman was, until many many decades after he first appeared.


Dude, haven’t you heard smoking is bad for your health:)