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Steve Reeves 10x12 Routine

Coach, I don’t plan on doing this as I follow your programs, but I do love romanticizing silver era bodybuilders as it motivates me to train hard.

Steve Reeves had a full body 10 x 12 routine, 3x per week, that he used in preparation for one of his contests.

It was a single station setup, with short rests between sets. How would you adjust that routine for today? Do you think it would be complete overkill if used for a short period of time?

Maybe it would be best served as

Two strength days per week, full body, using a 3 big lift layout

A squat
B press
C hinge
D1 whatever needs extra attention
D2 whatever needs extra attention

And then one/two lactate/growth factor days using the full body 10x12 layout.

What do you think?

Look at “Built for Battle”, you may like it.

10 x 12 is something that I would never recommend. I don’t think I can come up with a variation of it because it’s so far off what I believe in.


what you think - it’s good idea for Type 3 to include 1-2 days per week- speed day or neurowourkout / 2-3 max speed reps per set, with low weight , / .i’m type 3,but like explosive style training / not normally for my type/
thank you