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Steve P on Goals...


"As I said before my goal is to keep getting bigger that I actually drop dead. I want people to someday say: â??Jesus, did you see how big Steve was right before he died?â??

Some of my other immediate goals:

I want EFS to eventually have to print up 5X t-shirts just for me.

I want Matt Wenning to look at me and say: â??God damn boy, you are largeâ??

I want to lose my hearing due to my traps covering my ears.

I want crossfitters to tremble in my presence.

I want to get to the point that no scale can weigh me and the only way my weight can be determined is by making plaster casts of my footprints and have scientists estimate my weight.

I also want to get to the point where my main mode of travel is laying down in a box car.

You get the point. "

-Steve Pulcinella


Thanks Steve.

I needed that.



LOL. Nice.