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Steve Kuclo 3 Days Out NPC Nationals



He looks really good big ass shoulders. I've been focusing a lot on my shoulders lately to try to get some cannon ball delts like that. Suck a sick look


Reppin 585 last year

He's switched to more partial ROM training since on most exercises.


Hopefully he gets his pro card soon. He's been real close the last couple of years.


Dude is definitly a beast.


he did something insane like 300kg at 20-21 years old


Such a thick look to him. He's a beast. Don't care for the sparkling posing trunks though haha.


That's fucking impressive. I don't think people really understand how much muscle he has to be carrying to look like that.


Steve is looking great, hopefully he doesn't get screwed in his placings like in the USAs...


Looks kinda soft for 3 days out, at least in this vid. Hopefully he comes in shape and does well, gotta love the guy.


Great build, but his waist is just a hair too wide and takes away from his rear lat spread.

I'm suprised he doesn't have his pro card.


I haven't seen pics or vids of him in a while.Jesus he got wide as hell.


Dude is beastly!


Teen Kuc

circa 2004


Oh my god. Wow lol. beast.


He looks like that kid from Twilight...except actually buff.


Lol.....I was going to say he would make a perfect werewolf, but did not really want to admit I watched the movies.


268 lbs


rear shot


Wow, his waist looks way tighter there.

Scott, you on pmuscle forums too?