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Steve Jobs Dead



I'm saddened. A visionary and brilliant man, in terms of everything from tech to marketing.

He'll be missed.


Well I do like the Android phones...


Who cares


Love him or hate him, one of the greatest pioneers in the tech industry.

This is an awful shame.



That is aweful.

I knew that once he resigned, it wouldn't be long.

Cancer sucks.

I love my iphone, ipad and ipod.


Pretty much anyone holding Apple stock.

Or who likes tech.

Or, you know...everyone.


I think this is quite appropriate here, a good watch.


You never hold stock in a one man empire. Especially when his health issues start becoming public knowledge.


RIP Steve. So sad.

I've been making a living using his products for many years.




I've been a recent convert to Apple for consumer products- thanks to Jobs vision. Apple was born with him and struggled when he stepped down before. He brought them back from the bottom.

He was an amazing man in the industry for sure.


Wow, the guy isn't even room temperature yet and you guys are spitting on him.

Stay classy.


Part of me wants to go up to Apple yuppies and ask "WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW!"

but I'm a gentleman so I won't be doing that...

until Xmas.

On a more mature note he was involved with Pixar and helped make Wall-e so he's not all bad.


It is very possible that, without my iTouch there to distract me, I may have made a series of stupid decisions which would have negatively impacted my ability to live with food in the fridge.

And it was cancer, so fuck that shit.

Peace, for him, his friends and family.


Very true.

And the man did change the world. I have no harsh words for him.


Seriously guys, I haven't owned a single apple product since I hated the first shuffle, but the man died, have some fucking heart, and if you can't then go be a bitter prick someplace else!

RIP Steve


Not a fan of Apple but he still did great things for technology in general, it's a shame he left the world at 56, especially due to cancer. Fuck that shit indeed. RIP


Not sure there's such a thing as a one-man empire anymore, a company of Apple's size and complexity is assuredly filled with talented developers, managers, designers, etc.

But at the same time, I do agree, a lot of AAPL's inherent value was tied to the vision of its founder, and his ability to go into stagnant markets and figure out how to earn ridiculous profits.

The music, movie and home computer industries were all in decline back when it was all about CDs, shitty MP3 players, renting stuff and Blockbuster and buying a shiatty Windows Vista PC. Not sure Tim Cook has the balls to challenge his talented people to do better, deliver more, make the experience seamless, etc., the same way a guy like SJ had.

Similarly, avoid WWE stock, it's going to hell once Vince McMahon bites the dust :smiley:


Most of the post I throw up on here are done outside from my phone or Ipad. So RIP


a visionary.
cancer sucks