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Steve Goggins Calls Out Dave Hoff


Holy shit. They had a bunch of dudes on the "Strength Talk Radio" podcast like a couple days ago including Goggins and Hoff. Steve Goggins asks Hoff if he thinks his squat was legit in that record total. Hoff kinda evades the question. Goggins I think gets fed up and ends up saying basically, "Knee wraps and belt; I'll out squat you right now. Let's go."

At fuckin 50 years old he's calling out the holder of the world record multiply total who is like half his age.

Love that guy.


haha, fucking A! Good on Mr. Goggins. Hoff deserves a ration of shit for that 'squat' as well as some of that other shady shit he's done. aka that 'lump' in his bench shirt....


Podcast (sept. 8th cast):

Goggin gets pissed off around 42 minutes in.


Contrast Hoff's opinion of his squat, vs. Ben Rice's -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHR1W_iItXw (about 1 minute in).


Nice find. Ben Rice has always been the classiest guy around. I had to stop watching his stuff so much though, because it was getting a little depressing how much stronger than me he was lol.


HA. So true. "Oh hey guys, here's a video of me repping 600 on squats and deads for the 3rd time this week." Dude is straight class. I'm glad he is able to be the counterpoint to the Loud Fat Guy with a Beard trope.


I fucking hate Ben Rice, because on top of being stupid strong, he's a nice guy. At least if he was an asshole I could hate him for it, but now I have nothing against him, and that pisses me off.


That was one of the greatest things I've ever heard


Ben is a nice guy, he is stronger than me, he admits it was high + wadawada, but seriously what the fuck is wrong with the judges at these meets? His 3rd squat wasn't only a bit high, it really was a ridiculous Hoff squat. The standards (and atmosphere) of many PL meets in the USA remind me of the gym sessions you see of college/high school football players - fuck the rules as long as we can call it a record and people have a great time. Just retarded.


goggins honesty is great...


Just listened to a few minutes of this. Goggins is the man.


Goggin's trigger....."You used to be a great lifter" that set him off.


LOL. I'm pretty sure I just watched a video of him doubling 700+ on deads. Nos "used to be" about that.


Squatted 750 raw a few days ago I think.


He squatted 800 raw about 3 months back with more left in him.


I'd love to have a beer with Goggins.