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Sterroids, drugs and men's fertility


Got a quick question. How much does sterroid use coupled with drug use affect fertility in men. And how long after you discontinue use of Clomid after a cycle, can the sperm return to normal.


not sure what you mean by steroid use coupled with drug use? steroids are a drug. do you mean like taken together with cocaine or some drug like that? if so then we have something more important to talk about other then your sperm. as far as recovery goes. the best i can find is that it takes from 4-12 weeks depending on whats steroids where used and for how long. a typical test based 8 weeker should be something like 6 weeks. at least i hope. getting married in the new year and we will be trying to make another little one. today was my last injection and i plan on being a sperm factory in about 6 weeks. again, i hope. havent had recovery problems in the past but honestly i had my only child before my steroid use started. so i am in unknown territory here


You're asking a question that is too vague. How long were you on steroids?? What androgens did you use?? What were the doses used?? How many cycles done total?? Did you allow full recovery between cycles?? What drugs are you talking about?? Prescription or Street?? There is a lot of variables.


Speaking from recent personal experience, you could be shooting blanks 4-6 weeks after the end of the cycle and while using clomid.


I have done four 6-week cycles this year with the most recent one ending 6 weeks ago. I did 1g/Test-150mg Tren with quite a bit of Clen in between cycles. I have recovered for 2 months between cycles with 50mg clomid a day, sometimes taking 100mg. By drugs, I mean street drugs...I have gotten high quite a few times in the last 4 months with my last time being around when I finished my cycle. I just want to know what are possible chances to get a girl pregnant given these circumbstances during her ovulation, and how much sperm would be needed. A few times of intercourse and ejaculation inside, or just a few drops?


correction...750mg Tren a week.


Sheesh. If by "gettin' high" you mean weed, you could be looking at a significantly longer timeframe.

You need a good money shot to impregnate, a couple dribbles of THC deformed sperm aren't gonna cut it.


Dude, dont flame....I'm talking about coke, pills, weed, alcohol....on top of that sterroids. I went through a phase of just getting lit on all this shit from may till october...every weekend was a different thing, but I think I abused pills the most...


I don't think he's talking about weed.


Stop the weed bro.. THC actually mutates the sperm so they can't swim strongly. Roids just shut down FSH production.


Kids are a huge responsibility. If you still feel the need to experiment with a wide range of drugs I strongly suggest you wait on kids.

There's nothing like a having a hangover with a newborn baby wailing all night. Nothing.

BTW, Hope you're getting your liver checked, that's sounds like a pretty hepatoxic lifestyle you lead.


I'm talking about coke, pills, weed, alcohol....on top of that sterroids. I went through a phase of just getting lit on all this shit from may till october...every weekend was a different thing, but I think I abused pills the most...

Were you really that fucked up where you don't remember what it was that you abused the most? In all seriousness are you really sure you want to be fathering children at all with this type of drug use? I mean it's your life and all...none of my business and all that other shit but when you start involving another life that can't speak I just have to say something for it so forgive me if you think I am preaching. Bottom line is this, you can father a child at anytime in your life if you have sex EVEN if you have had a vasectomy etc. Nothing is a 100% surefire gaurantee. To ask us the odds is like going to Vegas and laying down a million dollars on the roulette wheel and asking what number to pick. I say your chances are good because you had sex, they get better if you had unprotected sex, they get even better if she was not on the pill, etc. etc.


bro i am not going to flame because i have enough skeletons in my closet and i dont want to be a hypocrit. all i will say is that i hope you are past that phase now that you are trying for a child. we all see the kids with bad parents hanging out in the malls or on the streets and i think that speaks volumes. i wasnt one of those kids and my kids wont be either. just be a good dad. kids with no parents have little to no chance at success in life. we have an awesome responsibility and opportunity. i may be a lot of things, including a drug user(which most of us here are. hint,hint). but i am a good dad. as far as your question, i would say if you are 6 weeks post now then you could be potent any time now. just choose wisely.


Hey, I'm not trying to father a child. I am trying to avoid getting anyone pregnant.


MAG 10 CANT AND OTHER ROIDS CANT PROVIDING YOU DONT OVERDOSE!! not preaching been there and dont care to be there again



Not trying to be a dickhead (although I am) but max sounds like about 80% of the guys I know who juice. Go clubbin 3-4 nights of the week. Pop E pills like candy, snort lots of yak, and wear tight shiny shirts. Just kidding about the shirts, sort of :slightly_smiling:

Max, I ain't mad at ya bro. Hopefully you'll get tired of that lifestyle before somethin bad happens. In the mean time wear rubbers. Also if you hate nuttin in a rubber you can always pull out and bust in your girls mouth. No worries about little swells runnin around while your rollin face then.


fuck it, I'll be mean. One bad coke ride and you could die. One bad E ride and you could die. You really wanna chance that? Fuck, I wouldn't.

And if you're too fucked up to remember to put a rubber on, how the fuck did you even shoot a load?


jesus christ! lose the tight shiny shirt for god sakes!


Ectasy actually mutates your DNA.


if all of the stories were true about drugs mutating sperm then mine would be swimming upstream by now. hell, when i ejaculate, jiz would be coming out of my nose and ears. max,,, as said before just wear a rubber.