Any side affects at all with a Winstrol stand alone stack? Does it amke sense to cycle 2 weeks on then 2 weeks with M and Tribex or is 8-10 weeks straight better? The M and Tribex perhaps


any ideas on enanthate and deca stack… dosages , etc. I was thinking of sticking with 200 deca and 400 test/week.

Nothing wrong with a winstrol only cycle, its no a stack right? At two weeks you will experience some low T levels at the end but you may not even need anything but Tribex / M combo. You surely wont need anti - E with Winstrol. After you may get Gyno if your shut down really bad but the Tribex / M will help w/ that. How much are you planning? Oral or Zambons?

using winstrol will decrease t levels by about 55% from what i read in the print issue.recovery is an issue with any androgen.although it may not bind as well to the ar you still need recovery.

Only other side I ever got from winny was stiffness/soreness in my joints.
Wasn’t very bad though and I know several guys who don’t notice this effect.

No grapplin when on winstrol… nada nada

I’d recommend 100mg a day (2 x 50mg) in split dosage. It will help you lean up. As was recommended in the AAS&joint health thread, keep reps above 5/set. You could stack it with Hot rox, too.
Run it for 6-8 weeks.
Tribex&M for 3+ weeks after.

Taking glucosamine (2gm/day) for the joints can help.
Oh, and don’t lower your calories too low; keep them at maintenance or up to 500 cal/over maintenance of clean food.

Thanks for the replys especially Archaic, I appreciate the well thought out answer. So spookaroo I’m not the biggest idiot but grapplin do you mean “grapplin” in the biblical sense or? does Winstrol cause a decrease in ability?

So what exactly is your goal here?? Are you dieting and tyring to maintain mass?? Or are you just too afraid to use injectables, but you still want to use steroids?? A few things; Winstrol is supressive but yet nobody mentioned clomid even when 100mgs a day of winstol was suggested. True that it does not aromatize, but that is not the only purpose of clomid. I also saw a comment “You might get gyno if you shut down really but, but Tribex M will help with that” Well first of all gyno is caused by aromatization, not supression. Winstrol does not aromatize nor will low T levels cause you to get gyno. Tribex and M will not help with this.

Gyno can come indirectly when T-levels are suppressed. You can have low to non-existent levels of T and still have E floating around wreaking havoc and binding to tittie tissue.

Tren-freak, do you think that @ only 100mg/day of winny you’d need post cycle clomid? Is it really that suppressive?

I’ve done this before for 8 weeks, and I had no crash after I stopped, at all… Same morning wood, same sex life, same mood, same everything.