Steroids vs SARMs

Hello everyone,

I have been training now for 3 years. I am in late 30-s and actually quite satisfied with results.
Of course to boost training, I have done some cycles also (Testosterone etc from black market, SARMs mostly by Enhancetech and from trustful source).

Lately I have been having problem with testosterone injections (some pain later, a little fever etc).
As I have done SARMs cycles also, then I started to wonder, maybe SARMs can be good alternative to steroids.

I just did some summary by marking cycles on my weight log. Seen attached photo. By this I can say, that SARM cycles at least as effective as just steroids.
Of course weight is just one way to measure, but I have noticed that weight is in good correlation with strength.

No offence intended here but it looks like you dont really know much about training and nutrition. Your literally back to square one after every cycle (except the test and deca, looks like you’ve run it off the back of the sarm cycle). For all we know you aren’t eating enough and you’ve gained plenty of water weight then dropped it all post cycle.
I do believe sarms work to a degree but up again good old test it just isnt a contest.

I think a lot of people (not referring to yourself) dont realise that steroids aren’t some super drug that turns you into a rhino in one cycle, training and nutrition are just as important, if not more, in packing on the size.

Theres simply too many variables at here work and weight alone is just a small one.

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Im gonna have to disagree there. Weight itself is absolutely meaningless. If you could put something together showing LBM increase and BF decrease along side sarms that would be much better.

But let me not get off track here.

The issue with sarms (for me) is there is hardly any research on them. We have decades of research on AAS. When I use test, deca, tren, orals, etc I know all the possible variables this allows me to prepare and enjoy a cycle with as little sides as possible. We know steroid A does this we know steroid B raises this and lowers that. Sarms are a wild card on how they effect you and I’m not even gonna mention the NO long term data on sarms use.

I’m not gonna say they are a scam and don’t work because they do. Do they work as well as AAS eh maybe I don’t think so. I do know they shut your endogenous testosterone down like AAS so if I’m gonna do that I might as well use what is researched and proven.

I think a lot of people like sarms because you don’t have to inject them and they are legal (as of now).

Honestly I could go on for pages as to why AAS is better than sarms I haven’t even touched on the shady sources selling them the aggressive bullshit marketing scams based around them the over/under dosing of them the mysterious gyno some people get from them. So il go ahead and shut up now


Your top two weight gaining cycles contained Ibutamoren, which is notorious for, wait for it, massive water retention.

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