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Steroids Via UPS

Where is the ideal place to have steroids sent. For example: your own house, PO Box, or somewhere else. If it is somewhere else, then where. I am concerned about having them sent to a PO box, cuz then I gotta drive with them and pick them up. Not to mention, they will need all of my personal information when I get a PO box. I am also concerned about getting them sent to my house, cuz then they know where I live. What is the safest way to obtain them, using UPS.


Can the almighty forum help? I look for your guidance and wisdom.

Bone J, and the Wardlords of Mischief

have them sent to grandma’s house.
let her do the time, if you get caught.


didnt Kevin levrone get nailed for sending them to grandmas?

anyway, from I have heard the best bet is the reg united postal service. from what I understand since they are part of the gov, they have stricted rules to abide by, and cannot search for no reason.

PM me and ill give you the safest address to send them to.

Jeez, I wish I didnt ask this one. Probably should have thought it through a little.

Sorry guys.

UPS is in my opinion the last on viable options for shipment on my list. In my case, it seemed they went out of their way to try and get me busted. My package passed through customs, as it has before, without problem. UPS took it upon themselves to notify the Department of Agriculture of my package and in the end, I had a nice and cordial visit from two detectives from the jurisdicition that the package was sent to. Why UPS would notify the Department of Agriculture of a package that had passed customs was beyond me and I was pretty insulted by their actions. I haven’t had a problem with FedEx or the U.S. Postal Service although I did have one internationally sent package seized by customs. Brown can blow me. The U.S.P.S. point made was good. I think the private carriers might have a tendency to “overly” comply with the Government in an effort to do well in their eyes and stay on their good side. Nothing criminal ever came about but the package was seized by the local authorities so I did lose money. The UPS are narcs in my opinion.


you don’t know how lucky you are…


Vkoer, thanks for the input.

What if the package is sent from INSIDE the U.S. using UPS? Will this be safer?

UPS and FedX do not deliver to Post Office boxes. Use a private mail drop service.


you’ll be safer if you send domestic. thats why its better to order domestically, no customs involved.


U.S. post slower but you will more likely get your
gear no problems. I have gotten 5 packages through no problem.

Avoids, what is a “private mail Drop service”? And by the way you wrote it a P.O. box would be the safest?

Overall, you guys think Im pretty safe using UPS inside the country? (packages sent to residents).

I appreciate all of your input. Thanks guys.

Los Bone of the J

kevin levrone was having his “meds” sent to moms house. my bro-inlaw was on the narcotics squad that busted her. it wasnt real har to connect the dots to kevin.

You can rent “mail boxes” from places like Mail Boxes Etc. Because it is addressed to a street and not a regular PO Box, Fedx and UPS will deliver there. You also don’t have to deal with sneaky postal inspectors.

mail boxes etc. ask for tons of ID. and your first born.

they are narcs