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Steroids, Vertical, Speed?


Hi.. i am just wondering, would a steroid liek D-Bol.. get you strong enough to gain a higher vertical and speed, along with body mass? If not, what is a steroid that would do so? Would it be safe to take as directed for as much as i need, and then not abuse it. One thing i worry about trying the steroids out, never have before.. are injuries. I am a basketball player, and thats the last thing i need.


To my knowledge, Winstrol (stanozolol) is a good steroid for gaining more speed or strength in sports that require plyometric (explosive) power, like baseball, martial arts or even basketball. For example, the Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson used Winstrol to increase his sprinting speed.

Of course, D-bol would also work to that effect. Pretty much any steroid is going to enhance your strength and performance and give you an advantage if you train right. That's the reason they're all banned in sports.

I would highly recommend that you train with the Jumpsoles device from jumpusa.com. I just ordered a pair last week because I also want to increase my vertical jump height. They're something you strap onto your shoes and help you to exercise your calf muscles plyometrically, and they really work - Even without steroids.


My suggestion would be to to not take any steroids at all if you are in any kind of a n organized setting such as high school or college ball. There is way too much chance of getting caught. Try some of the many other products out there that are specifically made for making you faster and giving you a better verticle. The shoes might actually be a good idea. Squats are also a really good idea.


Having played college football I was very interested in increasing my vertical jump and 40 times.

  1. Your workouts should contain both lots of olympic lifts (cleans and snatch), power lifts (squats and deadlift) and lots of plyometrics exercies. I used the strength shoes and their program in the summers with good results; I also really like the West Side techniques for increasing squat strength.

  2. Any anabolic that increase strength will help. I typically did 750mg of sust or 1000mg of test enthanate with dianabol (50mg ed) or winstrol (50mg eod) in the summers. It helped to increase both strength and mass.

If you increase your squat and clean you will certainly be more powerful out of the blocks and vertical jump higher.

What sport are you competing in? How much weight are you trying to gain?

If I were a sprinter I would probably take test w/ winny.

most drug tests only test for T/E ratio, so if you are not tested for the summer you can have quite a bit of fun (stay away from deca, though!).


The only steroid I know to increase athletic performance is winstrol. There might be others.



To be historically correct Ben never used winstrol, because he felt too tight on it instead they used anavar if I remember correctly from Speed Trap (the autobiography of Charlie Francis, Ben Johnsons coach)


I think your wrong bro, Ben Johnson tested positive for stanozolol (winstrol)


charlie changes his story every time he tells it. ben tested positive for winny because of two reasons. first they were sold winny instead of furazabol. the doctor (astaphan i believe) testified to this at the dubin inquiry. he was giving injections to ben and a female athlete.

the second reason they got caught is they thought that the detection times were 4 weeks when in fact the new procedure was able to detect injected winny 14 weeks out and 4 weeks for oral. they got caught with their pants down.

ben was getting soft tissue work done for hours daily, this and the chondromalacia are pretty indicative to winny use rather than anavar (though by no means conclusive).

for performance enhancement, it is true that winny is popular, but this is likely due to availability, low cost, lack of sides other than tightness or joint pain, and easy recovery after cycle.

dbol increases anaerobic power output very well and does contribute to increased performance, however, dealing with the sides for some is too much.

tbol and anavar represent better choices, as does test if you are looking at injectibles. if there is a a strength endurance or repeated efforts involved, you may consider EQ.

a final note: in no way am i knocking charlie francis as a training/drug expert, but his ever changing stories about past incidents lead me to be very leery of accepting his word as reality.


1) I have no idea why we're wandering into the world of "Winstrol works because Ben Johnson used it." That particular steroid isn't magical. In fact, some might say that it's sub-optimal for athletes given its negative impact on connective tissues.

2) If you want some good information on improving your vertical jump, search the ARTICLE archives for "vertical jump" & "posterior chain" & "poliquin."

3) As for training, the poster who wrote about the olympic lifts is dead on. Jumping ability or running speed doesn't come from the calves to any large extent. Vertical jumping power comes predominantly from your glutes, your hams, and your back (yes, even your traps). Calves are down on the list and quads are probably only 3rd or 4th. The same goes for sprinting speed.

4) Don't waste money doing gear right now. Also, skip the strength shoes. If you want a bigger vertical jump, spend your money on (A) surge / protein / healthy foods / fish oil AND (B) an olympic lifting coach or gym.

5) The exercise most closely correlated to the vertical jump? The Snatch. Those huge heavyweight olympic lifters? Verticals over 40". Coincidence? Not a chance.

6) Get your diet right and your training right and your results will be "drug-like." You have no flippin' business even thinking about gear right now because you haven't even scratched the surface of your natural potential.