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Steroids Use Post Cancer


I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma March 2011, now post Chemotherapy (4 cycles R-CHOP) and all clear by the CT scan. Before this I was a casual Steroid user, 2-3 6 week cycles per year, and the occasional 12 week GH cycle (8iu every other day). Is this all behind me now?

Obviously I don't want to risk my health, but I did enjoy the feeling and look careful steroid use gave me. Is it sensible to forget any future light cycles, or is there something I can do? Any help or advice appreciated.

Many thanks.


Dont take GH


Have you brought this up with your doctor? What did he say?


No, have not brought up with the doctor, I don't think I would get a balanced view. Obviously their priority quite rightly was to get me well. Also, I know that Steroids use is not something they would have a great deal of experience or knowledge of.

Yes, I figured GH would be the most likely one to stay away from, would this be ongoing or could I possibly use it a few years down the line?


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