Steroids to Treat Chronic Fatigue?

Most people on this site have knowledge of steroids far beyond that of family physicians, that is why I’m posting. How would you prescribe steroids to treat chronic fatigue? Which steroids and at what dosages?

Obviously, the dosages would be way, way smaller than those used by experienced weightlifters. Even if you don’t believe in chronic fatigue as a syndrome, there can still be clinical exhaustion that has not responded to any other treatments, and is not related to any underlying medical problem.

Maybe it would respond favorably to steroids? Any educated opinions are welcome…

First things first…

Have you had blood work done to check your hormone levels?

If yes, what are the numbers?

If no, you absolutely need to before proceeding any further.


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I think I remember reading about a link between glutathione depletion and chronic fatigue. Thats where I would look first.

Actually, the first place would be to get my blood analysed, as pointed out by the guy above.


hey, thanks for the heads up. there was a link about glutathione on the steroids forum? i’ll check it out. and yes, all my blood tests have turned up normal.

B12 injections are another way to go. Worked for me when my doc tried them 15 years ago.