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Steroids to Cut

Has any done a steroid cycle in a caloric deficit? I’ve always used steroids to bulk but if I did a cycle while in a caloric deficit would this help me retain my muscle while losing body fat? Has anyone had experiences with this? How did it work out for you?

Sure, it works, just more often than not it’s unnecessary. Unless you’re competing, then it makes total sense. Just easier / more healthy to save the steroids for achieving something you can’t achieve with a simple diet and dedication.

Thanks man. Kinda what I was thinking. But I still might give it a shot to see what happens.

LOL I always love these threads… an no offense to the OP.

“I want to do this”

Reply “Don’t do it”

“I’m gonna do it anyway”

:joy: :joy: :joy:

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Aren’t we all experimenting at the end of the day? I’m asking for people experiences not if I should do it or not.

As stated, I truly meant no offense. Just see a lot of the same same.

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Unless you have an ungodly amount of mass, a cycle of test should give you all the anti catabolic support you need and you’ll probably even gain muscle


Important to note. If you use steroids as a crutch to lose weight and don’t have a good grasp on diet, once off, your body will put the far back on.

If you’re on TRT, just adding a small dose of var can help if you do cardio and training / eat properly.

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None taken brother!

Glad to hear it! I would provide some insight but I can’t cut worth a damn LOL. I’ve tried and tried and still end up in the mid teens BF wise.

I’m already regretting starting my cut :rofl: down to 187 and feeling tinier than normal :rofl: shit ain’t worth it, mid teens is perfect for men not in their early 20s.

You definitely don’t look any smaller just more defined. I don’t think the words You and Tiny could be properly used in the same sentence.

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I won’t stop cutting until I get you to admit I’m looking small, damnit! :joy::joy::joy:

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You guys arent taking it all the way to the end. If you cut slowly and train properly, you will recover strength and muscle fullness lost once you start eating maintenance again. Trust the process.

Yeah I tried and got down to 193. Now back to 200lbs as can be seen by my puffy new avatar photo. Only took me 3 weeks to gain back what I lost on 2 months… SMH

I prefer the 200lb look! Haha. I’m literally doing it out of boredom and small part of me wants to see what I look like at ~10%. Just for comparison to older photos. Can’t wait to stop. Haha.

I haven’t lost any strength, thankfully. Just sucks when my sleeves don’t fit quite as snug, or legs don’t fill my pants out quite the same. I actually don’t cut calories, I don’t care enough to sacrifice food :rofl:

That’s why god made the size L lol. For cutting​:joy::joy::joy:

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Haha, feel like I need a shmedium at this point just to fill it out :joy:

Yup. Well… Of course it worked.

Done Test & Anavar and Test Masteron for cuts in the past, I kept my muscle and stayed quite pumped during the cut, but I only did this because of my work at the time.

Another time I’ve done Test Tren Mast Win for a photoshoot 2 times, I even gained maybe a bit of tissue even though I was in a strict deficit, however I would not ever do that if it was not for an event or anything important, because it was very taxing on my body, could feel that it had taxed my body for months after, the recovery was harsh and the fat came back.

Not a good idea to potentially damage organs or lipids for short term result, especially if you don’t gain something significant from it in return that might be worth taking a risk for, I only did it because I could gain something from it at the time.

Mild cycle is fine I think but wouldn’t go crazy.