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Steroids - The Good the Bad and the Ugly?


Just wondering what peoples thoughts were, maybe people could post advantages and disadvantages/problems etc.

Ill start;
-With proper diet and training, accelerated muscle gain
-Maintanance of muscle mass when dieting down

-illegal and expensive

Anymore? Couldnt really think..

Oh and can people answer this - a friend told me that you can tell people have taken roids because theyre jaw changes shape (more distinguished?), is this true?


I don't like this thread.


Expensive? Apparantly you need a new source. Not only does your jaw change shape but your penis gets really small as well. Don't do steroids or you'll have a small pecker (Sarcasm)



My jaw is "distinguished" as fuck.

REGAL even !!!

Thats how people know I juice.


Naww I came factory equipped with one. My quads don't help either. The good: nothing packs the mass on better. The Ugly: the current legal status of them and gun-ho pigs that are narrow minded, uneducated, fat pieces of shit that are hellbent on being crusaders against the drug of the year.


I heard someone grew a third tit when they used gear.

Just sayin'...


I will tell you this,Steroids never made me fuck a fat chick.

Think about it


hmm well this just blew up sideways?! wait?wat?!