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Steroids That Don't Aromatize?


im looking for a list of steroids that don't aromatize as prone to gyno.dont want to run any any anti estrogen through any cycle.so any one with names would be good.thanks


You're gonna get flamed, dude. If you are prone to gyno why the hell would you say you don't want to run an AI?

Most DHT derivatives dont aromatize, or only aromatize mildly, but you NEED some amount of estrogen, so if you run something suppressive (i.e. any AAS), you need to run a replacement dose of test. Something like 150-200mg/week.


use google


anything except for test, decca, dbol, and eq

that leaves u:

took me longer to type that then find the awnser


F*ck it, go with some anadrol and a gram of test a week and kick anyones ass that says anything about your puffy nipples and man tits.


If only somebody would invent a device that one could use in order to find out such things. It would allow them to search for things automatically--a "search engine" if you will. This "search engine" could market itself and rise to such promininece that only the biggest doofuses on the planet wouldn't know to use it to get their questions answered. They could even come up with their own verb, corresponding to the name of the website, that would describe this process.

If only.


LOL There's always that!


^^^^^^^ This is the best post i have seen in a while.^^^^^^^


thanks all the replys.its not that i dont want to run A1 through the cycle just wanted stuff that dont armomatize.thanks beefcakes for your list really helps nice one


So you would rather shut down your endogenous testosterone production with something that does not aromatize, without using ANYTHING that aromatizes...That is your goal, correct?