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I have to edmit it has been tempting to try steroids alot of times, but I have never touched the stuff, caus I heard it makes your dick smaller, your fuse shorter. (my fuse is already short without steriods) And ofcourse alot of stuff about heart failiures etc.

Ofc. I know and understand that alot of this is painted out a bit more drastically than what it really is.

Does anyone who have any exsperience with it, want to say something about it (steroids in general that is, what do they do)..? I would ofcorse like to hear what is positive about it to.


I would say troll but hes got 139 posts. Do some searching around the forums. You will find everything that you wana know.


I have to edmit, caus I take steroids and stuff, my dick is smaller....Seriously...I mean fucking seriously...what man in his right mind would use a substance that would make his dick smaller?! I don't care if my dick was so big I could fuck my girlfriend from another country, I still wouldn't take something that would make it smaller!


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Or not..

To be honest, if all you want is the opinions on steroid use, read the archives for a day or two - you will see why those who like using AAS do, and what life is like for those so serious about their training that they feel the need to add PED.

Your question is totally open ended and loose - a guy came here yesterday who was flamed for trolling - he had a precise and reasonable question concerning the long term effects of AAS use.

Your question is - "Does anyone in this Steroid forum have any experience with steroids? If so, what do these drugs do?"

Surely you know they build muscle and strength and have side effects. Look at any of the hundreds of logs for the details of all effects.

Even you must realise this is a very weak question. I am not degree educated, i am not a scientist, but even i like a challenge.

Step it up or fuck off.


its been scientifically proven people from norway have small dicks anyway so if i were you id stay away from steroids


I was really hoping self control would have prevented an intial response. I guess 2 hours isn't so bad though.


LOL Quoted for truth


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haha Balder has a short fuse...them girlys like 30 second sex eh?