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Steroids Overly Demonized - Thoughts And Questions

Alright, first off I would start by saying that I don’t know all that much about steroids and such. I’ve been thinking about it and here are some of the thoughts/questions I have…

THOUGHT: Steroids aren’t all that bad for you. Being an idiot however, is. Been reading up on the Pharma forums and for the most part, it just seems to me that it’s filled with a bunch of idiots who’ve yet to pay their dues(having the minimum amount of knowledge about training), who haven’t done their homework about cycling/etc.

THOUGHT: Steroids are cheaper than supplements. For the most part, it seems to be the case from the homework(cost of Test E + Dbol + PCT) I’ve done. The best thing, they actually work. Most supplements are pretty much just hype with a ton of fancy words that don’t mean much.

THOUGHT: What’s with all the arbitrary shit like oh, you should only use steroids if you’re above the age of blah blah blah? It’s a general guideline, I get it but at the same time, there are quite a few articles on people who’ve been cycling at a fairly young age, 16-ish.

QUESTION:Very often people would say things such as “you’re still young, you’re very much capable of making solid progress w/o gear”. Yeah, that’s true but wouldn’t running a conservative cycle at such age make it ever more solid-er. Basically, all I’m asking is, is it possible for someone to run gear at a younger than recommended age(25 seems to be an age most people bring up) intelligently. I’m pretty sure it is but hey, asking won’t hurt. If so, anyone care to suggest how?

DISCLAIMER: I am 19 this year and I wouldn’t be lying if I said the idea of sticking a needle up my ass(kinda a turn off) to get massive(?) amounts of gains(quite a huge turn on) isn’t tempting. Well, my reasoning as to this is kinda. It might come off as somewhat childish. It’s really annoying to see people my age who’re obviously on gear who have 0 knowledge on training making more progress than me simply because they’re injecting a bunch of shit into their bodies. I have no interest in fucking up my body. I believe that gear can and should be used intelligently. I’m currently still leaning towards NO but there’s nothing wrong with learning more about it.

THOUGHT: Well, maybe it’s just me but the whole legality aspect of it doesn’t exactly bother me that much. The only thing that would bother me is, well, getting caught. I don’t think my fine ass would do well in jail. I wouldn’t consider Steroids and Alcohol/Tobacco all that different to be honest. Hell, I would even consider steroids to be more useful. The only difference is, blah blah blah Alcohol/Tobacco industry, taxed by government blah blah blah. Y’all get the idea, I hope. Basically speaking, you ain’t hurting anyone else, it’s fine by me morality.

I was actually rather reluctant to create this topic due well… I just didn’t want to post on here, I ain’t even cycling but I figured, what the heck. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking it. I’m not sure if there are other topics like this, I believe I’ve read one has some similarities.

PS: I’m not exactly sure if the way the topic is written is easy to read/well written? I tried but hey, cut me some slack, I’m just throwing my thoughts out there. All replies are appreciated.

Oh good. Another thread where a youngster wants us all to validate his decision to use steroids too young.

This is how the thread is going to go:

-We’re all going to tell you you’re too young, and that steroid use at a young age can cause all kinds of problems.

-You’ll hit back with the classic “but Arnie used steroids when he was young” (how many heart surgeries has he had, again?)

-We’ll say that doesn’t matter and the only person who knows what Arnie really did is Arnie anyway and you shouldn’t trust internet folklore.

-You’ll say that bodybuilding/powerlifting/crossfit is your life, your diet is perfect and you train harder than 1000 Matt Krocs so it’s fine for you to use steroids.

-We’ll say wait a few years.

-One other idiot poster will be like “bro I used steroids when I was young and I’m all good bro”

-That’ll then provide the validation you want to hear and you’ll be like “sweet bro”

-Flipcollar’ll say something funny

-dt79’ll post a study showing neurological damage from using steroids too young.

-You’ll go and use steroids anyway thinking “screw those guys, what do they know?”

-The human race will continue on and none of this will have any consequence for the vast infinity of the universe.

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By no means am I asking for validation/permission from y’all to get on gear. I’m simply sharing some of my thoughts. I do acknowledge that it might seem I’m very inclined to use them but I can assure y’all I’m not. I’m just stating some of my thoughts, hoping to hear some of y’all older guy’s experiences. That being said, your response is kinda funny(Bodybuilding etc etc is your life) and there’s certainly a great deal of truth in it and I appreciate it. I figured I’d clear this up before anyone else hops on the bash a youngster because the thought of roids has crossed his mind train.

See why I had to make that clown in the previous thread shut up?

You may know a lot less than you think you do if someone on gear with “0 knowledge on training” can make more progress than you.

ok well I apologise for jumping to conclusions

it’s a sorry state of affairs. Mate of mine reckons there’s going to be a huge dip in population growth as a generation of young guys grows up infertile from abusing steroids