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Steroids/Orals and Water Intake?


hey guys, not sure if ive ever posted in here, but i had a question.

first let me say, ive never taken steroids, nor do i intend to. i am pursuing a career in law enforcement, and i just wouldnt care to take the risk. if my life were going another direction and i felt i could take them relatively safely, then it might be a different story. point being, i have no ethical objections to them.

onto the question: i was speaking with a friend of mine the other day (a personal trainer), and the fact that hed been offered steroids recently came up.

then we were talking about them (in the very limited knowledge we have) and he had said something about "thats why those huge guys always have a gallon jug of water at the gym". thats about where the "knowledge" ended and the bullshit began i think.

other than the fact that we should all take in a certain minimum amount of h2o for our bodies to perform optimally, is there something with steroids and water? is it to help flush out the liver, or something more than that? is it the same with injected steroids and orals, prohormones, etc.

just wondering. maybe next time i could speak with some kind of knowledge so "thats why all the huge guys have gallons of water" isnt the pinnacle of the discussion.


Water will help relive some stress on the kidneys involved with oral steroids.

But most people who lift drink over a gallon a day steroids or no.

On a related note, Its a cop, every buddy run :wink: