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Steroids or One-In-a-Million Genetics?

Nothing wrong with a little eye candy dentist.:rofl:


Shame on you…

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Frank Zane was 5’9 190lbs when he won his 3 Mr Os


It has to be both hard work and steroids

@EyeDentist what were your stats in the avatar?

Off topic…from what I understand most of the younger guys aren’t using Steroids and have switched to SARMs anyway.

I see this as being likely but don’t personally understand it. The risk and side effects are almost as high as AAS without the reward.

The only pro part im truly hearing about them is the legal angle. As you pointed out they are inferior.

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That generation is too scared of needles

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6’3", 184#. An absolute unit. :laughing:

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Lol impressive looking I must add. I can only imagine the hard work taken to achieve that level of leanness.

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Thanks man. Pushaways–as in, away from the dinner table–are not my best lift.

Based on the pics you posted, he probably started using right away or very soon after. There’s just no way a 100% natural would be able to make such significant progress that quickly. Genetics certainly play a role and I’m sure he works hard to get that physique, but there’s no question an enhanced athlete will make those gains way, way faster than a natural.

I see guys like this all the time, infact I’d say he’s below average. Usually they hang out with the guys who bench press 500 with hardly training - there’s at least 800 of them at my gym


If he’s got One-In-a-Million genetics, then you most likely don’t have them so why even care?

If he’s on roids and you’re not planning to use them, why would you care either?


Yep, I find it so strange that just because a young person takes pictures and pimps out instagram for cash/make a living, they can’t have a genuinly impressive physique. Its as if Frank Zane would not be doing the exact same if he was this generation.


Amazing physique

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Are you making a reference that I believe in certain photos he comes across as being more then 190lbs? Thats the only point I was making. Other wise I could care less if hes running gear.

It is puzzling to me that this was questionable. The dude looks way bigger than 190, or way shorter than 5’10", and is on the sauce.

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Oh don’t worry, thats so stupid it doesn’t even deserve discussing. It baffles me that people would even question it.

I just find it funny when lighting and angles are discussed to explain why someone looks so big/impressive.

Not sure about his stats, let’s just say they are right. He is 190lb shredded with little legs (his coach teases him about them all the time). He looks huge because that is huge! Yes good lighting, a nice angle and being stood next to your small coach helps the picture be more impressive but come on don’t let it take away from the fact he looks great.


At no point am I saying he doesn’t look great. In those pics I would say he’s way above just 190. Not sure how thats a slight against the young man.